Dueling DIY: Still Backsplashing

Even though most of my weekend was spent at Mom and Dad’s installing drywall, I did manage to eke out a few minutes (basically, in the time it takes Charlie to do her business & do a little playing outside) to get some of the grouting done on the kitchen backsplash.

I chose to stick with the white bucket of Simple Grout (see here for why it gave me pause) and hope for better results on a larger wall.  And happily, that’s exactly how it went.  So the little nook next to the fridge may not have been the best indicator of how this grout will look all over the room (much like a paint color, I guess).

Confession: because I was in a hurry, I didn’t even bother using a proper grout float or sponge on the tile.  I found that a gloved hand worked well for squishing the grout into place (sort of like Beth did on her stone backsplash), and a wad of wet paper toweling was more effective at wiping away the excess (I used a sponge on the nook area & found that the tight space just wasn’t working for me).  Also, because this was sanded grout, the whole wiping process was a good bit messier anyway.  So I was kinda liking the no-cleanup freedom of just chucking the used paper towel into the trash when done.

I still have the rest of the wall to do (and as you can see, some caulking on the left side of the tile where it looks uneven), but I’m now set that it’s time to start cooking in here again.  So that means getting the grout in, sealed, and choosing the honorary first meal!

dueling DIY kitchen

So, that of course means that for the THIRD week in a row, the crown is going to Carrie, who I don’t doubt got plenty more done than I did.  But just you wait… if you see me cooking pancakes on Instagram, you’ll know what that means!

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