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Easy Storage for Outdoor Cushions

This post won’t be as long as the forever-taking reveal of Mom & Dad’s dining room that I posted last week, but I thought this idea was one of those perfect and simple tips that’s prime for the sharin’. So that’s what I’m doing.

This past winter, Mom scored a pretty good deal on an outdoor dining set and umbrella. Only issue was, the cushions had seen better days. So she went to a local home store called At Home, and picked up some inexpensive outdoor cushions to replace them. I can’t say they’re my favorite choice (sorry Mom), but hey – they do the job (and actually, I don’t even think they’re Mom’s style either… just something inexpensive to pick up until she finds what she’s really looking for).

The style of the cushions isn’t really what I wanted to bring your attention to – it’s how she stores them when the skies begin to darken. As “outdoor” as cushion fabric might be made, they will still get a little rank if you let them just sit outside in the rain and sun (especially in a place like Atlanta, where pollen is so thick during spring, it’s simply gross). So to keep them in pristine shape, Mom brings each cushion into the laundry/mudroom and hangs them in a spot I least expected: on a door’s wreath hanger.

See? Told ya it was simple. Which can sometimes be the best, right? I’m thinking one of these days I’ll bring her over a bottle of Rustoleum’s NeverWet for fabric (I’ve been dying to try it, actually), so even if she miscalculates and they get caught in the rain, she won’t always have to think she needs to hang them up inside.

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  1. says

    we are just now dealing with the same situation. through the winter we stored in our laundry room but it is just a little too much of a trek for easy access in the summer. and I’m in a transitional phase with our outdoor living space and sheds. maybe I build something. it always amazes the little things you (general) may not think of initially when making a purchase of say patio furniture… you want to protect your investment. well done. ~jb

    • says

      I know right? It seems like I always overlook the simple stuff that makes things easier. So if I see someone else doing it right, I’m going to steal the idea for myself ;)

  2. Kenneth Lawson says

    Practical way of using space available for those difficult to place items. I like to wall hooks.
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Andrea says

    Thanks for the great tip. Stitched these up yesterday while watching TV and now they’re hanging up and off of the floor of my dining room.

  4. ali jan qadir says

    Hmm that’s actually a pretty neat idea. Storing cushions is a big problem at my house :p.

  5. Zoe@WeShipFloors says

    Simple post, but a great idea! These types of cushions have cluttered up our garage and various other rooms for years, especially in winter.


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