Fish Foam™ Window Cleaner Review + Giveaway


Nose prints.

Between Colby and now Charlie, I always have a lot of nose prints on the windows – especially the one next to the front door.  It’s a lot easier to see them in person, but I’m at least a little glad that they don’t photograph well.  But that doesn’t change that they need to be gone.  Pronto.

Fish Foam is an all-weather, ammonia-free glass cleaner developed by the pros at Fish Window Cleaning.  When they decided to become a sponsor of The Ugly Duckling House (aww, shucks), they were also kind enough to send me a can to try out.

Which I’m certainly not going to turn down.  ‘Cause, you know… nose prints.

Last night seemed like as good a time as any.  Right away, I was really happy to see foam staying right in place.  Normal window cleaners tend to drip everywhere, but this stuff was only going where I wanted it to.

According to the packaging, Fish Foam goes right to work on its own when it’s sprayed.  Any cleaner that does the work for me seems exactly like my kind of cleaner.  Look Ma, no elbow grease!

A quick wipe-down, and the window is much improved.  If you thought photographing a dirty window was hard, a clean, streak-free window is even harder.  So I took a photo through the glass to show you just how un-fuzzed the view is now.

The verdict?  This stuff works great.  If I weren’t such a lousy housekeeper, I’d probably be spraying down everything made of glass and mirrors in the entire house.

And the car windows could certainly use a good cleaning too (in fact, Fish Foam is supposed to work on windshields as well since it’s an all-weather product), but then the windows would be the only thing in the car that’s clean.  I think the rest of the car might then be jealous, so to keep the peace I’ll just hold out (and keeping the peace is of the utmost importance considering all the car issues I’ve had lately).

But enough about my blabber, because Fish Foam would like to send you a can to try out for yourself!

Giveaway Rules:
If you’re not a follower of the blog already, please use the “Follow” button on the right sidebar to join this site.  These giveaways are meant for people who follow the blog, and if you don’t, you might miss the announcement of the winner.  Okay?  I’m off my soapbox now.

Ships:  Anywhere in the U.S.
Number of winners: One
Giveaway ends:  Tuesday, October 4th at 7 P.M.
To enter:  Leave a comment on this post about the thing you hate most about your windows.  No extra entry credits for being funny, but it would make things more interesting.
For one additional entry:  Tweet this giveaway (& leave a separate comment).  Please mention @uglyducklingDIY and @FishFoam in your tweet so I know that you did it.

Good luck, and another big thank you to the folks at Fish Foam and Fish Window Cleaning for their sponsorship!

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  1. says

    I have a bulldog, and she's quite “nosy” as well — she constantly has her nose pressed up against the back door, searching the lanai for nefarious lizards. Oh, and my car windows could use some super-duper cleaning as well!

  2. says

    The thing I hate the most about my windows? Honestly, it's that they all need to be replaced! Looks like the Fish Foam will keep them clean in the meantime. :)

  3. says

    I live on a lake with lots of pine trees which also means LOTS of spiders… making webs in my windows. Fish foam will help get kitty nose and paw prints off the windows, but I'm going to keep using a loooong stick to get rid of the webs.

  4. Samantha Watson says

    My little doxie…. love him… hate him…. can't stand the permanent nose and slobber marks on my sliding doors.

    BTDubs I love the name fish foam, it sounds so disgusting as a cleaning product!

    samanthacwatson at hotmail dot com

  5. says

    OH my gosh! I would LOVE to try this! Our windows were once windows to a bachelor pad and were never cleaned so needless to say though I've tried to clean them pure uck is still on them some…well and I'm sure not a Moly Maid either!

    Jami Graham @

  6. says

    I also have nose prints! But what I hate about them is that the vinyl is a goofy taupe color – I'd love for them to be white but they all function just fine so I'm learning to deal with it!

  7. Jenni says

    The kids are growing and not leaving as many prints on the windows, but the kitty nose prints certainly are plentiful.

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