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I should start this post by saying that Scott has done an AMAZING job on our laminate floors.  And they look fantastic!  We still have the spacers in the floors since the rest of the downstairs area isn’t finished, but you can really see a difference already.



Love, love, love our new floors, and they make the house look so much cleaner (even though they are dirty from all of the install).  Does anyone know of what kind of cleaner I should use on them?  I really didn’t like the streaking of the Swiffer pads that we tried to use, and I want to make sure that whatever products we use are good for laminate floors.  Any tips are greatly appreciated!

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    Wow! What a difference! Those floors are gorgeous! You guys did a great job. When we were looking at flooring we were instructed not to use any sort of cleaners, etc on the laminate. Not sure why… anyways, we usually just vacuum the floors (or use our dry Swiffer) and every now and again we use the wet-Swiffer. It seems to work well for us, doesn't leave any streaks – but maybe it's because we just don't notice because our floors are lighter in color? Perhaps you could try googling floor care + your laminate brand… good luck!


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    The new floors look great. I am too cowardly to put dark floors in my house but yours look fantastic. I put in hardwoods this spring and love using a steam mop on them; it leaves them so much cleaner than a swiffer does. Side note – not all laminate can be steam mopped. You might want to check with the manufacturer.

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    We use equal parts of vinegar, water, and rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle and then just wipe it up with a rag. It dries fast and leaves no streaks, and it's safe for the pets.

  4. Anonymous says

    Murphys Oil is awesome! Just remember to wring out your mop well for laminate floors. You aren't supposed to get laminate too wet.

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    you can mop a laminate floor just like regular. what you don't want is /standing/ water, which will ruin any floor, laminate or not.

    if you're looking for a detergent that won't harm the finish, diluted murphy's oil soap is good, and swiffer actually makes a solution for their “wet jet” thing that is safe on laminates. Bruce (the hardwood+laminate company) also has a solution you can buy in a spray bottle to use. it's about $10 for a 32oz 'refill' which you can put into a generic spray bottle and dilute if you like to make it go farther.

    regular ivory soap will also work just fine.

    the suggestion of vinegar/water/rubbing alchohol is also a good one if you don't have/don't want to use the others.

    — yobo
    (who is a flooring associate at the orange store)

  6. WeShipFloors says

    I agree, Murphy’s Oil is a tremendous resource for laminate floors. Really makes them shine. We constantly recommend it to our laminate and vinyl customers.

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