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SORRY, THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED.  Congrats to the five winners!  Please send me your details so I can get your info to the giveaway sponsor!

When I first moved into the “Ugg-Duck”, there were drafts coming through nearly every window.  And considering that my closing took place just before New Years, I got a very freezing cold welcome into my new house.  And to top it off, the master bedroom was the worst!

Yes, that’s a gap in my front window (sorry for the blurry pic – this is long before I started paying attention to decent blog photos and I was probably shivering at the time).  All the caulk in the world wouldn’t have helped me solve this kind of problem.

GREAT STUFF™ is a maker of expanding foam sealants.  I’ve used these products all throughout this very drafty house with two different intentions:

To seal up major (and costly) air flow problems.  The old adage of “letting bought air out” certainly rang true for me in the early days of this house.  All the heating and cooling I was going to be paying for would be slipping right out through these gaps, and my bank account was going to feel the burn if I didn’t do something about it.

To clean up various other unexpected gaps where caulk wouldn’t suffice:

  • There were holes from old knots in my wooden garage door, and painting it white only made them more obvious.
  • In the last 30 years of this house settling, there were other exterior gaps that made the house look old and saggy.  Aside from aesthetic reasons, it would probably also let bugs and other unwelcome critters in if I didn’t do something about it.
  • There was a mysterious small hole in the upstairs hallway ceiling.  Remains a mystery as to how it got there.
  • And the builders who put my staircase together weren’t concerned about making the treads tight with the risers (they covered all of these issues with carpet), so when I began painting, I needed something that would fill these uneven areas and allow me to get a painted staircase that didn’t look crooked.
  • Fill other drafty areas in the house that weren’t on external walls (but could feel air flow and needed something flexible)

As you can probably imagine, an expanding foam sealant like GREAT STUFF does the trick for these kinds of issues very well.  So when the company contacted me about a giveaway, I was immediately on board (you can see my pros and cons list in my review here).  Seemed like perfect timing when we’re all heading outdoors to take care of our spring projects.  Who wouldn’t want to take care of care of draft problems… for free?

And better yet, five of you are getting a bundle of these products.  So, let’s get on with it!

  • SHIPS: Sorry, U.S. only
  • GIVEAWAY CLOSES: Next Wednesday, April 17th at midnight
  • TO ENTER:  Leave a comment to this question (or heck, make up your own question & answer it):  What are your DIY home maintenance plans for spring?
  • One entry per person please (so no requirements to follow on Facebook or tweet about this or anything, though I would love it if you did)

Want a few more ideas of how you can use GREAT STUFF sealants around the house?  They’ve provided a handy air audit checklist here.

Good luck!


Disclaimer: I was compensated to host this giveaway, but all opinions (no matter how much I ramble) are 100% my own.  I have used this brand several times over, and keep relying on them as an expanding, flexible alternative to more complicated and more expensive DIY projects (like replacing and perfectly fitting new stair treads when all I need to do is fill a darn gap too wide for caulk).  It’s all about avoiding frustration, people.  See my other disclaimers if  you like on my page specifically for that.

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  1. says

    So many projects to do this spring! Including but not limited to: insulating the attic and crawl space (and obvs sealing some cracks along the way), painting everything in sight, laminate floors and dishwasher in the kitchen, and landscaping the yard. In addition to other things. But I’ll stop there, because it gets boring. :)

  2. Brit says

    I had just written an entire list of things this new twin mom had to do and my computer froze. So add that to the list of things to do this Spring. Our house is from 1954, on a concrete slab and with no installation in the walls, and to say it’s settled is an understatement. Now that we have the twin princesses, we have to make this house safe and do it an an affordable fashion. So a short list for us is sealing settlement cracks in the ceiling, sealing all the windows and doors (settling has caused the grout to crack away from the walls as well), organizing, sodding yard, building bookshelf/toy chest in the now playroom (once gym/man cave). A whole lot of things to do in a short amount of time and now on an even small budget. So anything free is always appreciated! :)

  3. Laurie S says

    I would use it in repairing all the damage done to our floors (down and including subfloor) from the neighbors clogged septic tank we seem to share?! This was allowed when our modular homes were built. We were away for 4 days so you can imagine water and ?? Coming up from around the toilets and into the bathtubs etc. A huge mess that we are still dealing with. We have to repair walls, replace carpets, flooring and rip out cabinets :/

  4. Susan says

    My 70’s home is begging for new exterior doors. Talk about a draft…..I’ve been using duct tape to seal when the wind really blows. LOL. Its time for me to learn how to install a door and I’m sure I will be needing sealant around the frame.

  5. Stephanie says

    Here in New Orleans, we’re already close to the end of the nice spring weather and bracing for the heat of the summer. We’re hoping to paint the outside of our house this summer – it’s a huge project!

  6. Abbie says

    treating my teak furniture, washing my windows & screens, & coincidentally… sealing all the drafty spots in my significantly drafty condo! (This stuff would come in handy for sure.)

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