Before/After, Playing In the Dirt Again

Garden Gets Gussied Up

We haven’t had much choice these last few months when it comes to yard work versus house work.  So much needs to be done that it’s simply been too overwhelming to try to do everything at once, so the front yard has been neglected except for random maintenance (not routine, we don’t have one of those yet) like trimming the hedges.

With my aunt (who loves landscaping) in town, more attention is being paid to the curb appeal of the house.  Since we have some extra hands to join in on the fun, I am totally game to tackle this area now and add a little more fall color.

And by color, I mean purple.  Deep, rich, fall color.

Love!  I don’t know what it is about this kale, but I am really digging it (hehe).

And the best part?  In one afternoon, my front garden area goes from this:

To this!

On days where work feels like I’m getting nowhere (I’ve just started a new job so I am the newbie without a clue), seeing things like this come to fruition is so rewarding.


I love the new setup, and the daylilies have been moved to provide the back yard with some color when spring rolls around.  These plants are easy to divide, so they have been spread out along my neighbor’s fence line.

What do you think of the new fall color?  Do you like the kale, or are you more of a flower type?  Dish the dirt.

P.S.  My aunt and uncle have been a tremendous help to me in the last week.  See how they moved my kitchen cabinets, installed new lighting in the kitchen, rewired all three bedrooms, helped create our fire pit, and much more!

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  1. says

    Nice! We, like you, haven't hardly even touched our yard. We've done a bit to help out the poor grass and created a little raised bed for our lone tree – but that's it. Maybe when Spring rolls around we'll be ready to tackle landscaping!

    Love your new plants!

  2. says

    I have to admit, I am generally more of a flowering plant girl, but I do really like the kale mixed in with your pansies. I used to be really good about keeping my flowerbeds planted, but I have been slacking the last 4 months.

    Now I feel like getting it caught up!


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