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Get the Red Out

Before I painted it, both my front door and front stoop were a muddy red… literally.  After choosing new paint colors for the house, I decided to remove the storm door and paint the front door a deep, moody blue.  But since there were more pressing projects on the interior, the front stoop remained the same (it’s always dirty and half-blown pine straw, so there never seemed to be a good time to paint it).

I left things alone out front, but to the detriment of the curb appeal; the red of the front stoop stands out and simply doesn’t mesh well with the rest of the house.

After scrubbing things down on Sunday, I’m ready to paint it and get rid of the red.  However, I realized I’m trying to choose between two options:  do I paint it blue to match the door (just like the red door and red stoop matched), or go with making it look more like concrete and paint it gray? My original choice was blue, so I already picked up patio paint in the same hue.  But now that I’ve had the chance to wait on making the decision, I’m finding that time has made me question my original choice.  So, I turned to my old friend, Photoshop.


What would you choose?  Blue, gray, or something else (I’ve even gone so far as to think of a cool tile pattern like this in blue and cream – the color of the trim paint – but that may be too much)?  Thoughts?


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    Gray all the way!! I think it's a bit too much blue (just in the matchy-matchy way) and the gray complements the door nicely :) That way the door will really pop!

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    i would pick up one of the colors in the stones… not the gray in the photo… not the dark blue either… but a darker gray maybe or a darker tan…

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    I agree with Southern Gal and put my vote towards pulling out on of the colors in the stones. I think gray might be too contrasting with all the brown and tan that is the oeverall scheme of the front.

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    Definitely grey. The blue would detract attention from the door, which I think should be your focal point. And grey will hide dirt better than blue. The blue will just look dusty if you don't keep it scrubbed down. Although I am certainly intrigued by the idea of a grey/cream pattern.

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