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Glitter Lace Napkin Rings

Most of the time, the DIY projects I do around the house are related to tearing things down and putting things back up again.  But around the holidays, I like to do projects just for the heck of it.  And by “just for the heck of it,” I mean lots of gleam and glitter.

glitter lace napkin rings

Tulip sent me a package over the weekend for their new line, which includes Tulip Shimmer Sheets and Tulip Shimmer Paints in addition to loose glitter (which is what I used for this project).  And with it, I took a break from the normal DIY projects going on in the Ugg-Duck household and dug into my craft stash.  After all, my intention is for the study-o to eventually house all sorts of these kinds of projects.  Someday.

For this project, you’ll need just a few supplies:

  • fabric stiffening spray
  • fabric glue (I used Tulip Fashion Glitter Bond that came with the box of goodies)
  • spray adhesive
  • Tulip Fashion Glitter (the box came with a set of 24 – I wound up using gold and silver for this project)

And of course, lace.  I picked out half a yard at Joanns, which made about three of these rings (it took six points and I just eyeballed them to size while comparing to other napkin rings I already had).

To begin, cut the lace to size.  My lace came with points, so I used these to measure each piece equally rather than using a measuring tape.

Next, you’ll need to create your rings.  I used the Tulip Fashion Glitter Bond to run a line of glue on one end of the piece of lace…

Then wrap them around my fingers to form the ring.

lace napkin ring

Set the rings to dry before moving on to the next step.  With a scrap piece of cardboard, I positioned each ring to stand upright for the fabric spray.  You’ll want to make sure you space each ring well enough apart so that they each have their own space (it will come in handy when the glitter part comes later).

glitter lace napkin rings

Next, take your rings outside and soak them with fabric stiffening spray.  This part was pretty messy, so I skipped the photo where I gunk up my camera.  You’ll want to soak each piece of lace, but since this can also mean that the lace no longer stands as you want it, you may want to use a form (the cap from a hairspray container works well if you’re needing a guide).  To speed up drying time, I set the stiffening spray in the microwave.

glitter lace napkin rings

Once the rings are sufficiently dry, it’s time to add glue and glitter.  I used spray adhesive to quickly cover each ring.  You could also choose to apply the Tulip Fashion Glitter Bond instead of spray adhesive, but this method seemed to cover well.

I highly recommend doing both the spray adhesive and glitter application outside!  Let the dog supervise from a nearby window if you must.

Next, cover the lace in glitter.  I went overboard and tried to cover every surface I could.  Then let dry.

Done!  The last step is to try out your new napkin rings and take an absurd number of beauty shots of your new dining accessories:

glitter lace napkin rings

glitter lace napkin rings

glitter lace napkin rings

There you have it.  This was a pretty easy project, and a great way to dress up the table for the holidays.  To me, the gold one kind of looks like a crown (and I think I like it better than the silver, but you can choose whatever color of glitter you need to match your holiday decor – I’m thinking deep gold or rust for Thanksgiving, silver or white for New Years, etc.).  This was my first time doing a project with stiffening spray (and I love the result!).  What kind of holiday projects are you working on?

Disclosure: I wrote this post as part of a paid campaign with Tulip and Blueprint Social. The opinions in this post are my own.

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  1. says

    The napkin rings are really pretty! They so look like little crowns. So festive! I love the idea to do them in different colors, too. How well does the spray adhesive seem to be holding the glitter? I'm wondering if the napkins (and thus everyone's face and hands) would end up covered in the stuff.

    And I've got to point out a typo that made me giggle. It was probably wise to opt for the spray adhesive over the Tulip Fashion Glitter Bong. That would have been a completely different kind of project.

    • says

      No, but the glitter seemed to stick pretty well. I figure for a one-time use project, I didn't need it. But the glitter bond (the glue I used to join the lace ends) is supposed to work well to keep the glitter where you want it. I think a spray sealer would also work well and stiffen the rings even more.


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