Glorious, Running Water

I’m very happy right now to have running water in my guest bathroom’s sink! (Psst: to keep things as reveal-y as possible for the big After post, photos from this post are from Instagram and with a filter; final reveal for the bathroom coming next week!)

Two Fridays ago, while I was at work, my dear ol’ Dad had the day off and chose to spend it working on both of his daughter’s homes (cue the collective “Awww”).  After finishing some fencing over at my little sister’s house, he came to hook up my bathroom sink and vanity.  You saw a little of what I envisioned here and here.

I wanted (very much) to have been there to see things in action and learn how to do it so I could fly solo on upstairs bathroom #2.  But when Dad has some free time and offers to install something for you, you do not say no.  You say thank you and count your blessings that you can brush your teeth in a clean sink in a bathroom that also has a shower.  And then you get really giddy and start immediately dressing up the sink with accessories.

And speaking of the shower, I have some re-caulking and re-grouting to do.  But then this bathroom is ready for finishing touches and a very, very relieved homeowner!  Happy Friday!


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    Whoo-hoo! I thought I heard something this morning. Must have been your angelic chorus. I apparently need to hit my dad up for more DIY hours…especially since you have me eyeing my grout with a vengeful and aggressive eye!

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