Blocked Off, Part 2

As you may have read in yesterday’s post, the first two days of my aunt & uncle’s visit didn’t go as smoothly as I anticipated.  But after a little bit of help from Lumber Liquidators, Wednesday (or Staycation Day 3) was a BIG day for the Ugg-Duck.  We didn’t know exactly when my new walnut butcher block countertops would arrive to my local store, so the plan was to keep ourselves busy until we got the call.  In an all-hands-on-deck situation, it’s kind of amazing what a group of people can accomplish in just a few hours.

My aunt was busy painting all of the new molding in the dining room…

painting picture molding

… while I made a makeshift table outside to do a couple more coats on the upper cabinet doors …

painting cabinet doors outside

… and my uncle and Timmy streamlined my garage and completed my work bench (in a fit of frustration, I sort of left it 75% complete in the garage and distracted myself with other things for a long while – which they both promptly made fun of me for not finishing, but hey… it’s done!).  To think, now you can actually move around in that one-car pileup.

DIY workbench

They also fixed the powder room light fixture and hung a new mirror (you’ll catch that in tomorrow’s video update!).  In short, these guys were badasses, and I was along for the ride.  And oh yeah – they removed my (now OLD!) kitchen countertop, too (more on that gross shit in the corner in another post… you know how I like to show you the UGLY truth of owning & remodeling an old home!).

remove countertops

The back yard is probably less redneck than the front, don’t you think?

removed countertops

Eventually, we got the call and it was time to pick up my butcher block.  We had a little assistance getting the two heavy (!) blocks into the truck (My uncle wanted to prove his Superman strength and just plain lift them, one by one, into the truck.  I’m glad I was convincing enough to save their backs & get heavy-duty help at least this once).

butcher block countertops

It was a true nail-biter driving the six minutes back to my house.  But eventually, we had our first reveal in the front yard:

walnut butcher block countertops

And then, a dry fit in the house:

walnut butcher block countertops

If you’re wondering, yes: I petted my butcher block.  More than few times.

Up until this point, the weather had been a bit iffy.  We weren’t sure how long the rain would hold out for the rest of the week (spoiler: it didn’t), so everyone wanted to get a move on with cutting things as soon as possible.  I’ll have more on the specifics we learned about the angled corner cut in a post for you next week.  By mid-afternoon, I had to run off to class (to my surprise, it started a week earlier than what was listed on my course calendar).  My uncle subsequently cut the corner angle and remaining pieces for the counters near the stove and fridge over the next several hours.  I came home to an empty house smelling like sawdust.

Which is just about the happiest damn smell ever.

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  1. says

    Love- I would totally pet that countertop too!! In fact, when we got our new countertops a couple of years ago, I believe I did pet them!! Can’t wait to see the end results- oooh lala it’s going to be fantastic!

  2. Mike Batliner says

    The walnut butcher block counter top looks great and so much progress in a short time. Can’t wait to see the final project all done. but I know that won’t be for a bit.

  3. says

    Petting–totally understandable! When I saw the picture I said (in my mind) “Oh yeah baby”. SO excited for you!!!

    Question for you–Where did family stay while in town and how did you feed them?

    • Sarah says

      Ha, I’m sorry – too many photos for one post! I’ll have a little house tour video tomorrow that will give you more of a sneak peek.

  4. says

    I’m a sentimentalist, but your Aunt and Uncle showing up to work so hard for you is just so heartwarming. You have a great family! And the countertop is gorgeous!

  5. Laurie S says

    How totally thrilling it must have been just to actually see what it looked like in place!! I am happy for you :-) :-) and it looks awesome!! Beautiful!! So nice you had all that help! :-)

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