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Hallway Update

Hallways with staircases are always tricky to paint.  Even now, after we’ve gotten so much done with it, there are still touch-ups that need to be made.  The ladder didn’t get us as much height as I anticipated, so I hope this weekend I will finally be able to rig something that allows me to get to the ceiling without breaking my neck.

Despite the ladder setback, there is a noticeable improvement in our entryway and upstairs hallway thanks to paint and new lighting fixtures.


As you can see below, the walls were so dirty that you can see an outline where pictures used to hang.  The hallway light was also gold/brass and looked like a lantern.  The oak trim also made the room look darker and dated.


The walls were painted the same color as the living room (Sandy Shell by Valspar matched to Behr paint) and the trim was painted with bright white semi-gloss.  The cover for the doorbell (upper right of first pic) was spray-painted white and a new white smoke/carbon monoxide detector was installed.  A new lighting fixture in an oil-rubbed bronze finish replaced the latern look (the door to the bathroom still needs to be painted).

The upper floor’s bannister was removed to be painted, but I think I’m also going to spray paint the supports to a nickel or dark bronze finish, or  maybe even replace them if I can’t get it to work.

For the rest of this weekend, I am going to try to be very ambitious:  I’m finishing up trim in the master, laundry room, and craft room (after I paint it), and hopefully at some point I’ll also remember to take some pictures.  I haven’t really been in any of these photos yet, so maybe I’ll hand the camera over to Scott so you can see me in action.  Happy painting!

And on a more personal note, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!

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    I hope you have peeked under that carpet to see what's under there. You may be very surprised & have 1/2 way decent stairs. They can't be worse than mine were. Thanks for stopping by!! Please come back & visit me again.

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