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Haven Conference in Atlanta

Hi everyone! I’m at the Haven Conference for the next two days, where I’ll get to meet some of my favorite fellow DIYers:

Which, funny enough, is only a few traffic lights away from where I normally am during the weekday, as evidenced by this photo I took from an office window pointing directly at the conference building.  See that rectangular box on the lower left along the skyline?  Office, meet hotel.  Hotel, meet office. *UPDATE:  So, er, oops.  Funny story.  This was totally the wrong hotel.  The same chain of hotels, but I was off by about six exits.  Luckily I went after dinner on Wednesday night to make sure I knew where I was headed Thursday morning, and caught my mistake before I wound up completely missing everything.

I’m probably going to be tweeting and Instagram-ing like crazy, so be sure to keep up by following on one fo the links below. I’ll be back on Saturday for another SS post!

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