Here, stare at the cute dog

Today’s Thursday, which means I’ll be spending the evening with people who are just as tired, cranky, and (probably) hungry as I am.  In other words: class.  It’s becoming another segment of my life now, so either I’ve got to get the hang of this or you’ll have to get used to me being in a crappy mood every other week.

Kidding.  Why stop at every other week?

So, instead of my usual posting, I’ll just show you the latest pictures of Charlie enjoying a little sniff sniff/run/play action at the park:

Hey, at least one of us is having fun, right?

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    Charlie is a beautiful dog! Every semester that Hubster or I take another class, we ask ourselves why??? But he semester that we don't take one, we think “I should've signed up for that one course…” (he's working toward a second Master's degree and I'm either working toward another one or my Ph.D… it's those night classes that discourage me though. UGH!) GOOD LUCK!

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