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My Happy Hydrangea

I think all houses in the south should have at least one hydrangea in the yard.  When I first moved into the house, there was one in the back yard.  Like most of the plants back there, the placement seemed pretty random.  I was just glad to see a beautiful blue cluster of flowers.  Unfortunately, due to either neglect or the ivy ground cover that exists back there, the hydrangea appears to be dead (or so it seems; I haven’t seen the flowering since that first year and I can’t even remember where it was).

But, the house isn’t hydrangea-free.  Last year, I planted another in a shady spot in the front yard while moving a lot of the other plants around and trimming back the camellia bushes (which I now have to do again… the one downside to healthy plants!).  I thought it might take a couple of seasons to grow and bloom, especially when my neighbor left nothing but a small stalk when he cleared the front yard (considering that he is a professional landscaper, I was pretty annoyed that he just responded “Oh, well then it must have been dead” when I explained that I’d just planted it in the front yard and he hacked it down).  I was going to consider myself lucky if the plant survived at all.

So, imagine my surprise when I spotted this little guy in the yard this morning:


Success!  I am so thrilled that my thumb is getting greener.  I suppose it could simply be a law of averages; plant enough flowers, and some of them will grow.

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  1. says

    I love Hydrangeas. Their so pretty and colorful. I planted one in the front flower beds of our house and it….. didn’t last. I totally agree that every home in the South should have one, it’s almost like the ‘National Plant of the South’… unfortunately I think the Southern heat did mine in :(

    • Sarah says

      The trick for mine was to put it in a spot where it basically ONLY gets shade. It really seems to hate the sun. It stayed healthy (despite the cut down) and survived the winter. I can’t wait to see it grow even bigger next year!

  2. southern gal says

    love hydrangeas … have three myself in my hudson valley garden (i was born and raised in south louisiana).

    just a note about readers – try FEEDLY … its REALLLLLLLLy good. and much closer to G Reader .

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