Exterior, Playing In the Dirt Again

I Still Hate Mowing

I am never going to like mowing.

But now, I’ve made it a little bit easier with a new newly borrowed self-propelled mower.  I’d been trying to drop hints with my family that I would like a new one for my birthday (cough, cough, clear throat, “MOWER”-sneeze), but my overgrown lawn won’t wait.  Luckily, my father had one sitting unused in his garage (which is pretty much how I came upon my last one).  He has a riding lawn mower, so he didn’t need the other.

This thing moves.  It’s variable speed, but my patience allows only one.  The fastest speed causes quite a bit of hand fatigue, but it practically yanks me across the yard, so I can get this torturous chore finished that much faster.  I wish I could provide you a picture, but it’s finals week, so I’ve been hunched over a computer all weekend on campus and only had the opportunity to mow when the sun went down.  Yep – by the end, I was pretty much mowing in the dark, and as I headed off to work this morning, I noticed long strips of grass that I’ll have to take care of tonight.  It’s kind of exactly like shaving your legs to find you missed a small spot.  So, since I have no picture, I’m just going to show you a picture that represents my murderous rage at the thought of mowing.

This image found here, and my sentiments exactly.

If there were ever a sign that my house is an old woman in house form, it’s the long chin hairs growing all over the lawn.  After a trim (more like a total hack job) with my new mower, the house is looking much less scraggly.  And if I give myself a chance to come up for air from the books (and for a beer), I can get started on applying new rubber mulch to my front garden bed.

If you were to choose the color in front of the house, which direction would you go?  I’m thinking a pop of coral red would look great against the tan, cream, and navy of the house.  Er, well anything would look better than dead plants.  Anything.

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  1. says

    A couple shades of blue and a splash of crimson should do the trick. I don't like mowing myself but the grass here in my abode seem to grow a foot and a half in a week. Keep up the good work.

  2. says

    Aaaargh. I don't mind mowing, but we have 3/4 of an acre of mine field and the mower we had last year was not self-propelled. It took 6 hours of moving and it was a craptastic job. We're getting a ride-on one this year. sometime.

  3. says

    Not very fond of mowing either, but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. Not too sure what flowers would go complement the front of your house but hey like you said I think anything alive will be better.

  4. says

    I hate to suggest colors to people because of my woeful lack of taste, but I'd go with shades that varied from pale pink to purple against such a perfect conservative background, then move to corals and vermillion in the summer.

    And girl, no one except my idiot best friend, Michael, ENJOYS mowing, trust me.

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