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I’ll Blame Jennifer Lawrence

On rare occasion, I get to be out of the house for the purpose of socializing like a normal human being.  Last night, I was out with a few fellow graduate students and came to a realization:  I’m not, in fact, a part time student.  The number of credit hours I take each semester technically makes me a full time student.  On top of having a full time job.  So basically, I’ve (somehow, if you can believe it) undersold the amount of crap I’ve piled on my plate.  But is anyone else noticing (other than me, of course) how far away December feels right now?  You’d better believe I’m going to post cap and gown pictures all over this blog.  I may even flip the bird like an Oscar winner, just cuz.

Anyway, another exam is coming up this weekend, and I have lots of shopping pictures to share with you from a recent blogger meetup here in Atlanta.  Little did I know, but my city has quite a few bloggers.  And I’m really excited that Amy from ModPodgeRocks has volunteered to come with me to the Freeside Atlanta thing I mentioned last week.  I’ll tell ya all about it when we can coordinate our visit.

blogger breakfast

There are a lot of pictures to still clean up (iPhones are darn handy but they require more post-photo editing) and I’m still learning the ins and outs of WordPress (broken things tend to get my attention), so for now, I’ll just share this:

old corbels

We visited lots of interesting stores mixed with antiques and modern items.  I saw these corbels laying in the corner of a downstairs shop on Saturday (more on that tomorrow), and had trouble picking which one I wanted to buy.  The one on the left had little flecks of green, and the one on the right had lots of rich brown tones and was a good bit chunkier (in a good way).  Which one would you choose?  Post tomorrow on which one I bought, and all of the other shopping pics to share (cough cough Jonathan Adler  store cough).  Have a good one!

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  1. Susan says

    Didn’t realize till today you were in Atlanta. I love Atlanta, and love Piedmont Park.Can’t wail to hear about “restore”. I rehabbed an old house with most materials reclaimed from Restore.

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