The Island of Lost Toys

Apparently when you clean up a yard that’s been covered in ivy for many years, you discover a number of things.  Mainly, lost toys.

… a frisbee

… a baseball

… don’t forget about soccer!

I think I may start a sporting goods store.

If you haven’t yet seen my new back yard (or as new as it’s going to get for a while), you can check that out here.  I hope you had a wonderful weekend!

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  1. says

    Too funny…”don’t forget about soccer”. Thanks for the a.m. laugh :) Unbelievable…no old Coke bottles? That always seems to be the score.

  2. says

    the woman who lived in the house before us used to run a daycare out of it– our dog has dug up SO MANY BALLS all over the yard. Also, an entire metal chaise frame. It makes me wonder what we’ll leave behind that will leave the next owners scratching their heads. haha

  3. Marie Roxanne says

    I would never think that it would be so beautiful! Your hard work paid off! The easy part now is to maintain the look and don’t let it overgrow.
    Would be so cool if you find dinosaur bones!

  4. Syl says

    Funny, the only things I ever earth up when I clear a not-cleared-before section of my yard is mounds of petrified dog doo….

    Obviously, my previous two dogs didn’t like to do their business out in the open, so it’s been hidden in the undergrowth for years.

    Now if I could only convince the kids it’s dino dung, I’d be in business!!! ;-)

  5. Alexandria says

    This is to funny! One yard my husband and I cleared out had 20 bowling balls stuck halfway in the ground surrounding a bush- it was the weirdest thing. But I guess the previous homeowners had an excess of bowling balls and thought it would be neat decoration.

  6. Marty Stanley says

    You are now set to play any sport you want. Thats kind of a score in my book. How fun.

  7. Mike says

    Okay so, my yard is the same as yours, but I haven’t touched it yet, life prevents me from doing that, good on you for finding the time to do this!.

  8. Brad McGhee says

    I bet if i chopped back by plants in the back yard I would many of the same toys. Always fun to do the dirty work and get things cleaned up.

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