A Little Rain, But I’m Rested

How was your Memorial Day weekend?  Mine included a much-needed break from the DIY world:  sun, sand, and a great book (okay, so technically I still had some connection to blogging – recognize the book I’m reading?).

You may have noticed a few of these pictures on Twitter – I’m hooked on Instagram (but in fairness, it may be one of the only ways you’ll see pictures of my face regularly – far fewer floating hand tutorials).

One of the few times I’m dressed up and ready for a night out!  The seafood was fantastic.

But, of course, it wouldn’t be fitting for my life if there wasn’t a little bit of chaos along the way.  My friends and I all joked about getting T-shirts that read “Blown Away by Beryl” – the name of the tropical storm heading directly for us.  There was also some debate as to whether we’ve gotten more immature with age, or just stopped caring what people might say at our childish jokes.

But before I knew it, we were back in the car and heading home.  I am totally thrilled to have had such a wonderful break.  School starts up again this week, so I was able to squeeze in this trip just in time!

Be back tomorrow with some new home updates.  How did you enjoy the weekend?

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