Master Bedroom Turns Master Suite

My master bedroom is where I spend most of my time at home.  And since part of my new years goals are to create more of a home for living in, the master bedroom has been getting a little spruced up lately.

I started with an upgrade to the bed by getting a new mattress cover and foam top to make the bed more cozy (I bought them during a Black Friday sale on  It worked – I’ve been getting better sleep lately.  I have also been keeping a new comforter, duvet cover, and pillows in the guest room for months awaiting a change to the bedding.  Why I waited, I’m not sure, but a few days off in December helped me to catch up.

Thanks to some other great online deals (I regularly window shop on Joss & Main for home decor), I picked up a beautiful rug – it’s 5 x 8 and looks great next to my side of the bed (I technically still favor one side of the bed to sleep on than the other).  I was told by a reader on Pinterest that stylist Emily Henderson has this rug, and I’m glad she blogged about it – I now know that the shedding will go away in about six months.  Or given how often I vacuum, a year.

I also picked up a gorgeous chaise lounge from a J&M sale too – it even has storage.  It was a beast to put together.  But for about $220 (free shipping again), I can store the pillows for the bed instead of tossing them to the floor (and if you own a dog, you’ll understand exactly why this is necessary).

Love, love, love having these additions in the room.  The picture below may be the most true to color for both the chair and rug.  I have always wanted a chaise and now I finally have one, the perfect size, that serves form and function.  And the pop of blue on the floor really brightens the mood from all the gray in here.  I feel like it upgraded my master bedroom into a master suite!

Of course, it’s not all perfect around here.  Like I said, I spend most of my free time at home in this room.

The other side of the room, therefore, is about what you’d expect right now:  a messy bed, a pile of clean laundry to fold, hang, and put away, and a lot of junk and debris from a bathroom gut job that I shared with you on Wednesday (ugh. vomit. still having chills).

Charlie’s still a little displaced because her bed used to be against the window where the chaise is now, so I’m having to find her a new spot where she feels comfy and secure (I’m thinking the hallway may be her favorite spot since she likes to look out the window and monitor the neighborhood.  But I’m trying to see it as glass half-full – or bedroom half-decorated.  At least the laundry is clean!


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  1. says

    A comfy master bed is so so so important. I never realized it until we re-did ours. Something about a space that's completely yours just makes you want to snuggle up!

    LOVE that chaise.

  2. says

    LOVE the rug. We bought two wool rugs for the front room and TV room. We've had one for over a year and due to my lack of vacuuming it is still shedding. A lot. So I can confirm your suspicion ;)

  3. says

    I love that chaise. Great job decorating and seriously I may beg you to come up to VA when I buy a home to help me decorate. If nothing else, it is an excuse to hang out. :)


  4. says

    I wish I had a spot for a chaise, or any spot in my master bedroom that was “cozy.” I have yet to touch my room, but I think I'll change that this year! Thanks for giving me the kick that I needed!

  5. says

    love the rug and the chaise, Sarah! Just gorgeous! Your room will be gorgeous when you get it all done. Working on my master bedroom is on the list too.

  6. says

    Aww! Charlie is so cute! I love that chase lounge – it's always been a dream of mine to have a gorgeous chase in my bedroom with a 17th century boudoir space!

  7. Jennifer says

    LOVE the idea about the chaise being Charlie's new bed! I moved a loveseat (that I'm in the process of reupholstering) into my bedroom, and it's Princess Fred's new relaxation area. I got an inexpensive slipcover that I can take off and throw in the wash if I need to.
    You need to make Charlie a “Fred Bed.” In my last house, I noticed that Fred was always in the front window, and it looked uncomfortable for her to have to sit resting her head on the sill all day. I made a raised, padded bed for her to lie on and survey her domain to her hearts content!

  8. says

    I love your room. I might have to *borrow* a couple of ideas like the chaise – I love that it has storage! And, I thought I was strange that I wanted one in my bedroom, but now I see it here, so it must be cool! :)

  9. Aubrey says

    I’m loving the overall look of your master suite. The yellow dots pop out great. And check out that sofa! It’s a multipurpose cushion holder doubling as a small bed. I hope I can get one of those albeit a little longer one would be nice. It’s such a clean look and it minimizes clutter.

    Been reading our blog for a while now and it’s a great read. I’m also DIY’ing our ancestral home here in the Philippines, doing repairs here and there, and believe me it’s way harder here. Good thing my brother is very handy and a great help in restoring our childhood home.

  10. says

    You’re half way there, still need to do a cleanup project. On the other hand, I completely adore your master suite, and the chaise lounge is pretty awesome! Those pillows look great too, not to mention that lovely rug. I hope you’ll find the finest spot for your cute dog.

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