Before/After, Playing In the Dirt Again

Mums the Word

While the guys were in the kitchen installing the new microwave, the women of my family were outside discussing the yard.

Instead of leaving it for another day (which has pretty much been the status quo for the last nine months), my aunt (who loves gardening) insisted on tackling the front garden area pronto.  And tackle it, we did.

My local Orange had some beautiful fall foliage available, and we basically went after it like crack addicts.

Tip:  When dealing with a plant this large (which is actually a bunch of smaller mums that we chose not to divide), tip the plant to the side to loosen the container.  This will help you save yourself from completely massacring all of the beautiful blooms that made you buy the plant in the first place.



You can’t quite see it in the photo above, but those pansies are purple and white, and the large mum is white with small touches of lavender.  A little added pine bark, and we’re done.  So pretty!

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