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I have been keeping a secret from all of you.  But now that it’s spring, and the flowers are blooming, and love is in the air, and it’s also MY BLOGIVERSARY… I thought it would be perfect time to announce it.  I’m way too excited to keep it quiet!

It’s no secret that I love making beautiful things.  I love seeing my hard work materialize, and I love knowing that my own two hands are what made it happen.  And despite the fact that I make it sound like I’m swamped with work, school, and remodeling this house, I’ve been spending what extra time I have to follow another passion.  A piece was missing, and I couldn’t ignore it any longer.  So, I took out a loan, filled out some paperwork, consulted with some of my entrepreneur professors, and as of the end of this month, I’m starting a new life as a small business owner*:

I’m a girly-girl who has always been obsessed with weddings, and I’ve decided I simply can’t hide it any longer.  As a perfectionist and hyper-organized individual, I know I’m perfect for the job.  Who wouldn’t want to work with lovely, stressed-out brides-to-be and make their special day absolutely perfect?  If I were getting married, I would totally pick me for help.

Over the next few months, you’ll see a new series popping up on this blog about my new venture.  I can’t promise it will be a regular posting (I’m starting my own biz after all, and that sucks up a lot of time), but I will be too excited to share with all of you to keep things under wraps.  I’ll basically be a wedding planner by day, DIYer by night.

I’m so excited!




*Yes, this is an April Fool’s joke (image is from an actual consulting business, here).  I’m also playing a few pranks today on Instagram (just because it’s really easy to do on that platform).  But it really is my blogiversary – I’ve now been telling you weird stories about this house for three years.  Hopefully, I can keep telling you more (or perhaps about another house at some point) for another three.

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  1. Sarah In Illinois says

    I totally fell for it. Partially because my name is also Sarah, and I think that would be a totally awesome job to have. (I totally LOVE weddings!) But by the end I was like, “this really doesn’t seem like something she would do….” GOT ME!

  2. says

    After being burned twice this morning, I saw your post and said “Are you kidding me?” I didn’t want to judge but knew you were WAY too busy for something like this and couldn’t possibly be THAT wrapped up in the wedding stuff. SOOO I cautiously read…and waited. Thank goodness! CONGRATS on your blogiversary!

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