My New Toy

Having generous friends like the ones I do is wonderful.  Having generous friends who are willing to lend you a thousand dollar camera like this:

… is just. plain. awesome.

True, I don’t actually own this beauty, but my friend said he’d found that he hasn’t used it in a long time.  So, if I thought I might want to, maybe I could borrow it for a while since it was otherwise collecting dust in storage.

Um, howfastistoofasttosayyes?

I find it funny that I’m taking a picture of the borrowed camera with my point-and-shoot, but this baby has it all.  Three (count ’em, three) different lenses that I don’t know how to use except how to take them on and off the camera.  About a gazillion settings that I am completely clueless about.  Twice as many buttons that I haven’t learned to use.



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