My One Car Workshop

When it comes to a workshop, the best I’ve got is my one car garage (that for the entire time I’ve lived in this house has never actually housed a car, and that might not ever change).

Building the study-o desk has brought a few new realizations to the forefront.  Such as:

Wow, this one-car garage is really tiny.

I need more space to do the things I enjoy.

I never thought I’d be the kind of girl who would spend this kind of time in a garage.  And like it.

I could really use a shop vac.

I guess I’ll tack this on to the 2012 wish list.  But I am still holding finishing the master bath and kitchen remodels priority over this space.  But then again, having a work room that’s actually functional could make both projects a little easier.

Ugh, I hate these in-between moments.  It’s the kitchen and the egg all over again.  But I think I’m heading in the right direction.  I want that master bath pronto (well, as much as one can call a 6 by 9 foot space a master bath) so I’m still setting my sights on that as my number one priority now that the desks are finally crossing the finish line.

Then the kitchen and garage will have a discussion among themselves and get back to me on which is more important.

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