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My Very Own Brother

Last May, I gained a sibling.

And this past month, I added one more Brother.  This time though, he’s a little smaller and isn’t quite as in love with my sister:

Brother XL2600i

Now that I have found a way to make inexpensive curtain rods, it seems to reason that I should also find a way to make cheap curtains.  I just have to take it out of the box.

The last sewing project I remember doing was in high school in Home Ec.  I made a pair of men’s boxer shorts, which is an incredibly odd assignment for a high school girl if you really think about it.  My end product wasn’t terrible, but I’d be lying if I said I was proud of it.

This time around, my aim is to create things that are a little more practical.  I could really use cheap curtains. And pillows.  And jeans that are a more appropriate length for my short legs.

Have you been working on any sewing projects lately?  Got any tips for a beginner?

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  1. says

    Atta girl!! Call me if you need tips, or Facetime me!! :) Go slow, and thread your machine right to avoid headaches. Cut on the floor, and keep an iron hot and handy to press your work. Good luck!!

  2. Kelly says

    Ha – we had to sew boxers as a home ec project, too. We also had to wear them to school one day, but that was fine because it meant no uniforms (hurray!)

    Definitely read the manual and follow the instructions carefully re: threading the needle and inserting the bobbin. Like RBM said above, improper threading can be a huge frustration. Also test on a scrap of fabric and adjust the tension (the manual should explain how) as necessary for more even and professional results.

    Curtains take a LOT of yardage. One inexpensive option is to use bedsheets if you can find some (esp on sale) in a color/pattern you like.

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