Our Furry Houseguest

Colby has a friend visiting this week.

Her name is Lilly, and she’s Scott’s sister’s puppy.  She’s having a ball playing with Colby and teaching him bad habits (like digging holes in the back yard).

But eventually, they get tired, and curl up together for a nice long nap.  Colby seems to be more interested in sleeping in the pile of utility towels (old ones we normally keep in the garage for cleanup of random projects) I used to create Lilly’s bed than sleeping on his own.  I’m sure it’s a jealousy thing, but it’s still really cute.

Lilly is very lovey (Scott uses the phrase “attention whore” instead).  When she’s not busy playing, she follows me around and nuzzles the couch for my attention.  Here she is hanging out next to me as I brush my teeth for bed.

I would love to get a few 2011-fresh-start-type cleaning done, but two dogs making a muddy mess in our backyard is pretty much making that impossible.  Next week is just as good as this one, right?

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