A Picking Addiction

I’m a picker.

I can’t help it.  I guess its my way of dealing with stress (well, that and a new discovery:  bikram yoga).  Lord help me when this house is finally finished; I will probably just start over.

I’m still working on the study-o and guest bath, but dear ol’ Mom had another free afternoon and I was more than happy to capitalize on the offer of free labor.  We started with the usual solution, graduated to my handheld clothing steamer (which was funny but didn’t work of course), and then as a last resort, rented an actual wallpaper steamer.  After peeling and tearing, not only did we discover that the wallpaper had been doubled up in some areas, but the glue after thirty years is still sticking like cement.

Ah well, at least two walls with no wallpaper, as damaged as they are, are still better than the hideousness that exists if I leave it alone.  The dining room will come together eventually, but I think my habit of picking at things is here to stay!

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  1. Kat says

    NO, STOP, WAIT!! Not another project! What about the study-o upholstery project and bookshelf project? You are killing me! I so want to see the finished study-o. DO NOT be lured away! Please,please,please! The study-o project end is near…you are so close….( sigh) ….(maybe a tear)….(sigh)

  2. says

    You are hilarious. Picking/paint sampling is the reason I cannot be left alone for more than a couple f hours. I think sometimes my bf would rather stay out than see what he will come home to.

    Your dining room looks better already!


  3. says

    You've done a great job! We steamed off 5 layers of wallpaper from the bedrooms when we first moved into our home, including vinyl wallpaper which comes off in 2 layers. It was like an archaeology dig, but it was hugely satisfying!

  4. says

    For the stuck on glue try heating up white vinegar and then spraying it on the walls. It will help loosen up the glue so you can either scrape it off or wipe it off depending on how thick it is.

  5. says

    Great idea Shanna! Like stain remover and fabric softener (other household items that break down proteins), heated vinegar will get glue residue off of many surfaces. However, for getting underneath the paper and really getting the fused paper off the wall, the steamer was about all that would make it budge. Thanks for the suggestion!

  6. Karen Peacock says

    Love the site! I just started “Half-bath in Half-a-year” (follow me on Pinterest). I figured half a year was a reasonable goal! Currently “picking the 50+ year old wallpaper off- but found Windex will speed up the process.

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