Pimptastic… If I Do Say So Myself

Strange that this is the first craft project that I’ll be posting, but I was so pleased with the results I wanted to share.

My friend Jon is planning to present a pimp cup as a gift to a soon-to-be-wed bachelor this weekend, and asked me if I would help.  Even though I’ve been to one or two “Pimps n’ Hos” parties in the past (the crafting side of me LOVES a good theme party!), I have never attempted a pimp cup until now.  Learning to bling it up without overdoing it (yes, I still think that’s possible) was quite a fun challenge for an otherwise boring Wednesday evening, and here are all the details!

What you’ll need: 
  • cup/goblet/glass with stem
  • glass paint (only if you’d like to color the glass); I used spray paint
  • metallic paint pen (for marking the bottom of the glass with the date/name/etc)
  • rhinestones in various colors, shapes, and sizes
  • glue
  • your inner Lil’ Jon (OH-KAY!)
A few minor tips before beginning your project:
  • Do not put the rhinestones, glue, or paint on the inside of the glass.  If, in fact, someone were to try to drink from it (say, a drunk bachelor?), you don’t want the paint or glue washing down with the rest of the beverage.  Rhinestones are usually set into metal prongs and would probably be uncomfortable as a surface to drink from, so try to leave room at the top of the glass.
  • Use a surface you don’t mind getting glue on… or rhinestones glued onto – they are tiny and can easily get lost.
  • Whether you use a plastic or glass goblet for your project, the glue you use will need to be strong.  After all, this will be in the hands of a (likely) drunk batchelor and rhinestones will fall off.  Note:  Please read the warnings on the back of the glue bottle, if any.  Stronger glues will soemtimes be toxic and require proper ventilation.
Ok, now onto the project itself!
 1.  I first began with the base of the glass.  You can start wherever you like, but when I began mapping out my idea, I found that I gripped the top quite a bit.  To me, this meant I should work my way up the glass to avoid streaks and glue marks.

2.  Jon decided he thought my 18 karat gold foil spray paint (acid free) would make the glass “more pimp” if we painted the handle gold.  I taped off everything but, and sprayed the foil paint in the backyard.

3.  On the sight of the finished gold effect, Jon then decided he’d rather the entire glass be gold.  Pimper. 

4.  After about 15 minutes of dry time, I took the cup back into the house and began using square rhinestone pieces in a diamond shape along the bottom, using colored rhinestones in between.  I also used smaller clear stones to wind around the base of the stem.

5.  It helps to map out more difficult lines or lettering, so I marked a rough sketch of the initials layout intended for one side of the cup and put the rhinestones on top.  That way, when applying it to the cup, I know how many rhinestones up and how many across the shape needs to be.

6.  For one particular image (Playboy bunny logo), I decided to use a printed image and simply glue the rhinestones to the paper.  I then cut out the image, and applied it to the cup.

7.  After your larger or more time-intensive details are in place, it’s time to just bling it out.  I began randomly creating patterns in the “white space” of the sides of the cup, wherever I felt there was a little something missing.

8.  After no more than 15 extra minutes of decorating, put the rhinestones down.  It’s easy to keep applying and gluing, but at some point, you must know when to stop.  Try to not let that be when you run out of materials.

There you have it!  For your viewing pleasure, my finished chalice of bling:

Jon was pretty pleased with the outcome, which was a relief, considering he paid for the materials!

Granted, this kind of craft project will not be the norm for my future posts, but should any fun themed party invites find their way to me, I’ll be happy to supply you with all the fun details!  Feel free to comment… what do you think?  Is it pimp, or what?  Do you have any fun costume-y projects you’d like to share, or need an idea of how to make it?  Let me know!

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  1. says

    Sorry, I forgot to put that in the post!
    Glass cup: $7 (clearance at Walmart)
    Rhinestones: $3.47 per bag, I bought 4 and they were 1/2 off at Hobby Lobby
    Glue: $3.99
    Spray Paint: already owned
    Total cost:  $17.93

      • says

        This was my own craft project, so it’s not available for purchase if you’re looking to buy. Start with a large, plastic glass from a craft store & go from there!

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