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On a quick trip to Lowe’s for some last-minute wood stain (coughcoughPinterestChallengecough), I also picked up a slim pine board that seemed juuuuuust the right length for sawing into thirds for another scrap wood project I’ve been meaning to try: a DIY wooden couch sleeve.

DIY wooden couch sleeve

The fact that I picked up a perfectly good board for no other purpose than this means that it’s decidedly not a scrap wood project.  But it’s still a pinspired project since I found (and pinned) the idea several months ago.  Just not technically a part of last week’s party.

DIY wooden couch sleeve

I found even more motivation to go ahead and complete this project thanks to Merrypad, who linked up her version for the Pinterest Challenge link party.  So not only was I pinning the original, I was now pinning her version which was also based on the one I first admired.

Merrypad version

DIY wooden couch sleeve

my version

And about here is where the beer kicked in and I stopped trying to make sense of whether this is a pin of a pin of a pin or ehhh …. whatever, it’s done.  Happy Monday!

DIY wooden couch sleeve


  1. Kim says

    I’m I missing your step by step guide on how you put this couch sleeve together? You are the first DIYer that I have seen build a nice professional looking version. I would love to have more details on your step-by-step! I really want to build four of these this week!

    • says

      I didn’t really put together a tutorial for this, though I always meant to. It was simply 3 pieces of wood that I cut and then glued together with a little bit of wood glue (measured to the appropriate width of my chair’s arms). I then stained and sealed it with a coat of poly. I meant to do a tutorial a long time ago, but it was a really simple project and was literally just 3 pieces of wood, then glue to secure (simple, straight cuts). You can secure it with finishing nails or do a fancier join if you prefer, but as you can see, it looks just fine without angled cuts. Thanks for the reminder though that a tutorial would still be helpful though! I’ll put it on my to-do list for next week.

  2. Ella says

    I don’t have a comment so much as a question- I studied French for years so I love the ‘A Votre Sante’ glass that’s pictured and was wondering where you bought it. I’ve looked online and couldn’t seem to find them anywhere. Thanks!

    • says

      That glass was part of a gift set from CB2 that each said “cheers” in different languages. Unfortunately, they are no longer available for sale, but here’s an image so you can see what each one looked like. I also took a quick look online, and there is a set of champagne flutes with similar toasts here. Hope that helps!

  3. says

    Hi Sarah,

    I’m new to the blogging world and have just started to post the DIY projects that I do. I love, love this idea. I have so much scrap wood that I just may have to make one of these this weekend! It will also save my couch arms from my 13 year old! Thanks for the wonderful idea!


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