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On a quick trip to Lowe’s for some last-minute wood stain (coughcoughPinterestChallengecough), I also picked up a slim pine board that seemed juuuuuust the right length for sawing into thirds for another scrap wood project I’ve been meaning to try: a DIY wooden couch sleeve.

DIY wooden couch sleeve

The fact that I picked up a perfectly good board for no other purpose than this means that it’s decidedly not a scrap wood project.  But it’s still a pinspired project since I found (and pinned) the idea several months ago.  Just not technically a part of last week’s party.

DIY wooden couch sleeve

I found even more motivation to go ahead and complete this project thanks to Merrypad, who linked up her version for the Pinterest Challenge link party.  So not only was I pinning the original, I was now pinning her version which was also based on the one I first admired.

Merrypad version

DIY wooden couch sleeve

my version

And about here is where the beer kicked in and I stopped trying to make sense of whether this is a pin of a pin of a pin or ehhh …. whatever, it’s done.  Happy Monday!

DIY wooden couch sleeve


  1. says

    That is brilliant. I have a chair that is decidedly lacking in places to set down a beverage. I may have to do this exact same thing myself. Awesome!

  2. Christina @ Floridays Mom says

    Okay, this is kind of awesome! Who doesn't have that piece of furniture that is awkwardly out of reach of a table. Problems solved! LOVE IT! Love your finish too!

  3. Rich says

    Any suggestions regarding an all yellow bathroom? It is fairly small so I was thinking about removing the yellow floor tiles (showing their age and the floor is only about 20 sq ft), and repainting the yellow paint but keeping the yellow square tiles around the shower (since they are in good shape and would be the costliest in terms of time and money).

    My problem is what colors for the flooring and paint would go with yellow? I want to keep some flexibility so if more money/time is available down the road I could replace those as well.

    Could I use some kind of grayish paint?

    Being a single guy (computer profession) I know what I like when I see it but I'm not good at figuring out color schemes.


    • annie says

      try painting the floor with wide stripes of dark gray and a narrow one of yellow so it doesn’t show the dirt. light gray walls in shower then you need a pop of color. go to lowes and pick up paint chips of colors you like and tack on the wall to see what you might like. then buy townes or shower curtain soap dishes etc in that color. that way you can change those colors until you get time and money to do it all up right. happy painting.

    • Denise says

      I saw it too. Who would pay that when they can be made for less than 10 dollars?

    • Sarah says

      Heavy duty wood glue. You can use pin nails or brackets, but I thought each of those would impact the look (I wanted any connections to be as invisible as possible). So far, with just wood glue on the bare wood, it’s held up very nicely.

      • says

        As anyone tried using a kreg jig to attach the pieces? I wonder if that would work great or possibly snag the couch fabric. Any ideas?

        • Sarah says

          It would probably work just fine as long as you use a thick enough piece of wood. I just used wood glue because it required less effort. Holds up nicely without screws, fyi.

  4. Elisabeth says

    Love the color of the sleeve, what brand and color stain did you use?

    Thank you!


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