Charlie & The Kitchen


This week has been all about making progress on the kitchen walls. I know some of you guys have waited a LONG time for me to find the motivation to finish this room, and it's finally come! After … [Read more...]

More Skim Coating Tips

skim coating tips2

Several years ago, I was looking for a tutorial that would help me fix my damaged walls in the upstairs master bath. After removing all of the wallpaper, there were imperfections everywhere thanks to … [Read more...]

A Lesson in Patience

fan on oil primer in dining room

When I last left off in the dining room, I mentioned I'd probably paint the walls with some oil primer to make sure that nothing bubbles up when I put a second thin coat of joint compound on the walls … [Read more...]

One Hell of an Arm Workout

arm workout

The dining room is at an awkward stage right now. Awkward, as in if I showed you a picture of this room yesterday, it would have looked exactly the same as today. Only the difference between them is a … [Read more...]

Discounts: Just Ask for ‘Em


This weekend was jam-packed with projects dotted all over the house:  entryway touch-ups, more kitchen cabinet door hanging, garage fixes, and even a little yard work mixed in (my allergies have yet … [Read more...]

Pantry Progress!

pantry progress

I haven't had such a DIY-heavy weekend like this in a while.  I won't be able to cover all of it in one post, so I'll just focus on the pantry wall area for today.  And the best part is, the pictures … [Read more...]

Paint & Mud & Grout, Oh My


So... last week was the last full week of school.  I got sick just before all hell broke loose, and my very last final was yesterday evening (you can see how this made me feel right here).  I'm still … [Read more...]