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Quick Ikea Hack: Barometer Work Lamp

I like this lamp.  Reminds me of some really expensive ones.  Except it’s only $30.  So I snatched it up.

But I’m on a goldy-bronze kick lately, and it’s the metal finish of choice for my study-o.  So thanks to a little paint, my metallic dreams came true:

I originally tried rub-n-buff (starting at the bottom of the lamp) after seeing several tutorials, but I didn’t find it the easiest to use, and I wasn’t crazy about the finish, so I switched to gold leaf paint.  I kind of like the way the paint and brush I used left small streaks that look more like a brushed finish.  Ba-dum-bum.

I love makeovers that can be done studying while watching TV, don’t you?

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  1. Noel M says

    Do you mind me asking what color the paint is in your office? I looked under the house tour tab and paint color tab but I don’t think it is listed. I love that it is a blend of navy and grey and might be a jumping off point for my entry way and dining room!
    Thx! Love your blog btw!!

    • Sarah says

      The office color is called Hale Navy by Benjamin Moore. I haven’t updated that paint color page yet – coming soon!

  2. Katie says

    Sarah, that lamp looks fantastic!! I tried rub n’ buff on some swing arm brushed nickel lamps and (as I’m sure you can guess) it was a streaky distaster. Do you happen to know what brand your gold leaf paint was? I’d love to have another go at it!

    • Sarah says

      It was the same brand as the rest of the gold leaf products in the aisle at the craft store. I think it had a Mona Lisa figure on it. But the paint is a tiny little pot of thin fluid with a metal screw cap and comes encased in plastic like small electronics. That should be enough to find it!

  3. Sarah says

    Oh my gosh – I’m loving this lamp, especially after you painted it! It really does look so expensive and classic. Great addition – now I want one too!

  4. Rav says

    The lamp looks great! I’ve been trying to locate the Mona Lisa paint you used but I am having trouble. If you don’t mind could you please post the exacts link of the paint? I found the leaf but not a fluid version.

    Thank you

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