The Ugly Duckling House has a growing, loyal following with new readers discovering this site each day.  Do you think my readers will like your shop, site, or product?  You can purchase sidebar ads directly below to advertise immediately, or get in touch with me to work on a specified campaign. Website Stats (updated: May 2015)

  • Monthly pageviews: 160,000+
  • Pinterest followers: 3.4 million
  • Facebook followers: 2,500+
  • Twitter followers: 1,500+
  • Instagram followers: 1,900+
  • RSS readers: 4,100+

Sidebar Ad Options


Click here to purchase from the ad shop —->

Ordering Instructions

Signing up for ad space is easy!

  1. Click on the link above to go to the ad shop, then select your desired ad size by clicking “Add to Cart”.
  2. Upload your ad creative (aka the image for the ad) and the link that the ad will go to.
  3. Enter choice of payment and confirm to place the order.
  4. Once I receive notice of a new order, I will look over the ad and approve it, and then BOOM – your ad is live on the site.

If you ever need to upload a new image or change the link for the ad during its placement, you can go back into your order and make these edits.  If you have any issues, please reach out to me and I will help straighten things out.

How to Order Multiple Months

Standard term length for sidebar ads is one month, but you have the option to purchase multiple months in a single transaction if you wish.  During checkout, simply change the quantity from 1 (for one month) to your desired amount.


Where does each sidebar ad go?

The “Feature Ad” and “Short Stack” ads are placed under the Sponsors & Affiliates section of the sidebar.  These ads are stacked on top of each other, and the Feature Ad is always placed above any Short Stack ads.

Discount Codes for Longer Ad Terms

Discount codes can be used for 3 and 6 month ad terms.  Contact me for this code & ordering instructions if you would like to do this.

Ad Rotation / Shuffle

The order of the “Short Stack” ads shuffle with each page load.  This is done so that any ad gets optimum exposure regardless of when the ad was purchased.

Other Ways to Advertise

Please contact me for other creative advertising options, such as:

  • Product reviews or giveaways (see my Media Kit page for my policies on either of these)
  • Sponsoring a post that I write (I do not offer guest posting from advertisers of any kind, including freelance writers)
  • Social media advertising (must adhere to advertising policies required by social media accounts, such as Pinterest)

Advertising Options NOT Offered

Getting creative to reach a new audience is fantastic, but my readers are my top priority.  As a blog reader myself, there are certain advertising types that I prefer not to see.  Therefore, I do not offer the following types of paid content or ad placement.  Please do not send requests for these types; they will not be answered.

  • Sidebar text links
  • Embedded text links within existing posts
  • Requests for “guest posts” that contain links to a product or service (sorry, absolutely NO sponsored content on this site can be written by anyone else but me!)
  • “solo ads” or email distribution lists
  • Videos or pop-up ads (because readers hate them)


The Ugly Duckling House reserves the right to modify or add to the above advertise policies at any time.