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Dueling DIY: Black Magic


I'm done with painting the stair treads! Milestones.  Gotta love 'em. Let's travel back to when I first moved in to the house.  The stairs looked like this: And then I painted them white and realized a dirty dog and white steps don't mix: Just a few short weeks ago, Charlie's butt was perma-parked on glossy white (and perpetually dirty) stairs.  I was inspired to paint them black, but knew that this would be (very) far down on the to-do list while the dining room was unfinished. … [Read more...]

Dueling DIY: Hubba Hubba


Finding motivation can be hard.  No question.  Especially when you've been working on a project for far longer than what's reasonable.  And when you have a dog thwarting your every move at keeping the stairs clean and ready for the next coat of paint. Kit has been working on her donkey barn this weekend (and what she's accomplished in just a few short days is incredible), so I wasn't expecting her to pay much attention to our challenge this week.  But the challenge has done wonders for me … [Read more...]

Dueling DIY: Push It


(I was thisclose to calling this post "Blackout" and making cheesy Superbowl jokes.  I'm still on the fence at whether or not I regret that decision.  But I think I'll live.) It's time for another weekly update on the Dueling DIY staircase challenge... Just a few short weeks ago, the stairs looked like this: I've finally crossed the threshold where this project is really looking like it's nearing completion. Emphasis on looking.  I still have a few more coats to go.  And then add … [Read more...]

Dueling DIY: Decisions, Decisions

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It's time for another update on the staircase showdown... Kit's been quiet this week.  I figured it was either that elves had kidnapped her, or she was really working hard to recover from the smackdown I'd laid last week.  As for my progress this week?  Meh: Not much looks like it has changed since last week for me.  I could say that it's all thanks to a finance exam that took priority earlier in the week, but believe it or not, I've still made progress.  It only looks like little change … [Read more...]

Dueling DIY: Primed and Ready


It's time for another update on the most exciting competition about staircases you've ever seen... Come to think of it, I hope this Dueling DIY is the only competition you've ever seen about staircases.  Not because I want to be original... but because if you have seen multiple staircase competitions, I think you should question your lifestyle choices.  Go outside, would ya? Anywho, I made some significant progress on the stairs.  And I had a helpful visitor swing by, too: Mom wanted to … [Read more...]

A Day Off

Nowadays, having "the day off" from work hardly means that I get to actually spend time doing leisure activities.  Instead, I'm usually hard at work on the house.  And then I take a nap or take the dog to the park and allow myself to do a little leisure reading before getting right back to DIY.Since I have "the day off" today, I'm taking advantage of the sunlight and photographing a few projects I've been meaning to show you.  You see, I get most of my DIY done at night, which is less than … [Read more...]

YHL Book Signing, aka More Awkwardness in Front of People (I Think) I Know

(Some of you guys like hearing about behind-the-scenes blogging stuff; some of you don't.  This is basically a post about how awkward I am around other bloggers who I'm a big fan of.  So feel free to skip it if you aren't one of those folks.  A conventional DIY update will appear tomorrow.  Enjoy!)I've mentioned this before, but I don't really have many books about design.  I snagged a copy of The Handbuilt Home at a signing with Ana White a few months back, and when I found out that John & … [Read more...]

Light Fixture Progress

Ramping up for another exam week (yes, they really are as frequent as they seem - I'm already counting down the days until this mini-mester is over and I can have a normal life again).I'm spending any free DIY time to work on the staircase (new update on that tomorrow for Dueling DIY Tuesday), and a few scattered plans like my fun little light fixture project.  Last time I posted about it, I'd only collected a handful of supplies (though to be fair, I did buy out the store's entire quantity, … [Read more...]