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Shopping at Crate & Barrel

When I swung by Kirklands to pick up my new garden stool, Crate & Barrel was just across the street.  I almost never shop there (I love their stuff, but it can get expensive fast), but decided that since I was in the neighborhood, I might as well do a little window shopping.

Almost immediately, I spotted this gorgeous basket on clearance – originally $60, but on sale for $12.95.  I wound up carrying it through the rest of the store.

basket sale Crate&Barrel

I have always had a thing for yellow.  This couch is so pretty when paired with that white shag rug (I can almost feel it under my feet).

Silhouette Sofa Crate&Barrel yellow couch

These table trunks are out of my price range, but totally my style.

Hunter II Trunk Crate&Barrell

It took a lot of self restraint to not buy a bunch of these kitchen utensils.  Next time, CB.  Next time.

Sebastian Conran Utensils Crate&Barrel

And finally, this table.  Oh, the beauty of this work table in person.  It’s made with reclaimed telephone poles.  Stunning.

Phoenix Work Table

I got through the rest of the store with only the basket and a set of small chrome picture frames (more on those when I’m done with the project).  I knew just where to put it.  At $12.95, it gives my powder room just a touch of style.

powder room toilet paper basket

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  1. says

    I absolutely have to stop at Crate & Barrel whenever I'm close by. I love to get fresh ideas. Admittedly most of the stuff there is out of my price range but they definitely know good quality. I love this basket by the toilet idea as well. So much more stylish than simply hiding the paper under the sink.

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