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The picking habit has reared its ugly head once more.  After letting Charlie out for a minute into the back yard, I noticed a loose sliver of wallpaper along the back wall of the kitchen.

Five minutes later, I have nearly cleared the entire area that will have backsplash tile.  Wallpaper has never come off of any wall in this house quite so easily!

Sometimes when remodeling a house (especially this much of a house by myself), the energy to keep going can wane.  While this may look like starting a new project, I look at just about any kind of progress as moving forward with the entire house.  A small win like quick-peeling wallpaper can be just the push I need to finish some of the projects that seem to drag on indefinitely (like the master bath).  But as of next Saturday, that’s changing.  I’ve given myself a deadline and am determined to make things happen over the holiday weekend.

If you’d like to follow along between updates on the blog (which will be coming throughout this week), or want to share some of your own stories of projects that seem to have no end, feel free to follow on Instagram under the hashtag #slackerprojects.  Both Ann Marie from White House Black Shutters and I would love to be able to send you some words of encouragement!

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