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Spring Break

A friend of mine who is in another program at my university has a week off for Spring Break.  I thought this was weird considering that it’s friggin’ February.Atlanta is definitely experiencing a mild winter.  And I’m personally thrilled that the days are getting longer.  Charlie is loving it too since I can start taking her to the park after work again (they shut down when the sun sets).

With my thoughts on spring, it was interesting that I happened to stumble onto this fabric at Joann’s the other day:

It may be early (and far too overwhelming) to start on a new project, but this fabric will be great for pillows in the living room.

For now, I’m content with knowing I’ve found some fabric that I really like.  I’ll wait to get started on this so I can concentrate on the study-o and guest bath, but it’s nice to know the house is coming together enough that I can even think about decorative things like pillows.  It seems like it’s taken forever for the house to get to this point.

But I guess that’s the joy in spring, right?  Other than the godawful allergies, it’s a reminder that there are changes ahead.  And once this fabric is finally a pillow (or two; not sure how much mileage I can get out of it yet), it will be a sign that my house is maybe getting to the point where I can have people over, cook in a kitchen, and enjoy living in instead of working on.  Someday may not be today, but it’s really nice to think that it’s coming soon.

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