A Study In Progress

I have tons of unfinished projects all over the house.  After yesterday’s post, I suppose it was only reasonable to get the following reaction from one of my readers:

Too true!  And I get it.  I start a ton of projects – and bounce around all over the place doing whatever suits me at the moment.  But just in case it was more than one of you having heart palpitations thinking that I’m never going to get through with the Study-o (or let’s be honest, any other room in this unfinished house), it’s only fair that I show you more of what else is on the to do list while Mom attacked my dining room:

These legs are getting primed and painted this weekend.  Not saying which color yet – mostly because I’m doing it with some leftover paint and may need to get a little creative with mixing colors.  But a fun tip about painting difficult (cheap) surfaces is in the works as well!

The beautiful fabric I bought (thankfully on sale) to recover the chair is in the linen closet just waiting for its new role as Supreme Fabric of the Study-o.  It may have a contender when I finally find curtains.

I can’t afford to purchase it just yet, but this amazing rug is my top pick for the room (and from a store that I’ve never heard of before.  It always to makes me happy to discover a new one!).

There is another gorgeous one that is in my go-to color wheel, same designer, same design, and less expensive – and from one of my wonderful sponsors, Shades of Light.  So clearly I have a thing for Moroccan prints – I just need to figure out which one!  (Here’s a hint:  my wallet is a loud, persuasive salesman).

I’m also planning on doing an easy Pinterest-inspired project for the room on Sunday.  It involve a lil’ o’ this:

There you have it:  a brief glimpse into what I’m thinking for this room.  I’ll have a mood board coming next week to give you a full picture.  Let’s hope I’m a little further along with the actual room by then as well!

PSST:  By the way, I updated my BlogLove page this week.  If you are looking for great new reads, be sure to check out some of my friends listed there.  More updates to come soon, too!

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  1. says

    That blog roll is beautiful! You're going to have to show me how to list the buttons, because I don't know how! Thanks for including me! :) And I love the Moroccan stuff!

  2. Kat says

    You are so good to me-featuring the study-o!! It is going to be an amazing space. Keep up the good work!

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