Study-O Chair Beginnings

Taking apart an old chair is pretty simple when all of the connections use an Allen wrench.

My weekend goal to concentrate solely on projects for the study-o didn’t entirely hold up.  It honestly doesn’t seem like it’s possible when you DIY a home by yourself.  Inevitably, you work on everything at the same time – for example, chasing a dog off a roof.

But, like I said, I made a little bit of progress.  I’ll be painting the frame of the Craigslist chair this week and I hope to also take off the original fabric and start tacking on the new.

Is it really reupholstering if the entire piece doesn’t come apart though?  =)

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  1. Rich says

    I have to warn you this is coming from a person who has an engineering degree but isn't that desk impractical? It looks nice but…

    It seems like that support post in the center would hit you in the left leg every time you swing the chair around from the long side of the table to the short side.

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