Dining Room

Taping & Mudding (at Mom & Dad’s)

This weekend was pretty productive; I managed to finish the grout in the kitchen (pics on the next Dueling DIY update this Wednesday!) and Dad & I got the first coat of mud on all of the walls in his dining room:

The pics were snapped as the sun was setting on day 2,  so most of it was already starting to dry.  Next steps for next weekend will be sanding & another coat of mud (& then one more sanding), and then the fun part begins.  If all goes to plan, our weekends should look a little like this:

Weekend 3 (Weekend 1 was obviously putting up the drywall, and this weekend would have been #2):

  • sand first coat of mud
  • apply second coat
  • (if we get the first coat finished on day 1, to allow it time to dry) sand second coat
  • prime crown molding (the stuff we took off before we started; we’ll just paint it white & put it back up)

Weekend 4

  • prime entire wall
  • paint bottom half white
  • paint crown white
  • add baseboard and top railing for wainscoting
  • take care of the outlet extension

Weekend 5

  • add stiles between top railing & baseboard
  • add shoe molding (if Dad chooses)
  • re-attach crown
  • add cap to top railing
  • caulk the whole damn thing
  • first coat of paint on the top walls

Weekend 6

  • whatever we didn’t finish already (which depends greatly on whether we hit any speed bumps on weekend 5)

I’m pretty pleased with our progress so far, and I think we’ll be able to get a lot of this done in the coming weeks.  Hopefully my parents can get a few of the smaller items taken care of between the weekend visits (cough cough Mom get the crown propped onto some sawhorses, would ya? cough cough).  Let’s hope it continues to go smoothly!

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  1. D Downing says

    Thanks for sharing the pictures of your DIY project. I was looking for tips on doing nice Sheetrock when installing water softeners because sometimes Sheetrock has to be repaired upon installation.

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