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The Other Bright Side

Guess what next week is?  Finals.

It’s actually just one final.  And I know what you’re thinking: wasn’t I just complaining about starting the semester a month ago?  And wasn’t I complaining about an exam last week?

Yes – yes, I was.  Because I wasn’t paying attention when I signed up for my Tuesday graduate school classes and unwittingly took on a “mini mester” course in addition to my normal two-classes-every-other-Saturday schedule.  Before I knew it, I was staring down the barrel of an eight week long, four hours a pop, what-was-I-thinking course after work each Tuesday night.  And this isn’t your momma’s cake baking course at Hobby Lobby (actually, that would be my mom’s cake baking course – after her daughter so kindly posted her proudest cake fail on Facebook, my dear mother decided to give me the middle finger by signing up for a cake course at Hobby Lobby in defiance.  If she takes that literally, she will bake and decorate a cake in the shape of a hand flipping me the bird.  Which sounds delicious and will in no way make me regret posting the picture.).

The class I’ve so wisely chosen to cram into a mere eight week stretch is Valuation of Financial Assets.  Oh yeah – it’s just as fascinating and easy as it sounds.  It’s a piece of cake… as long as the recipe includes tossing in glass shards (which brings to mind another funny story about my nutty grandmother, but that’s for another day).

By the way, I’ve just noticed that I’ve somehow made this post about cake.  Twice.  That was not my intention.  The bright side?  Having a final in this class means that by next Tuesday, I’m done with this class.

The other bright side?  My walls.  Despite my now-obvious loss of the point of this post, I painted the first coat on a few walls in my entryway and wanted to share just how different things look so far.

I can already feel the change in my attitude when I walk in the front door at night.  No more dark cave feeling!


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    New paint definitely makes such a difference! =) And I can feel you on the course you're taking, I can still remember how happy I was when one of them was over (I was one of the stupid people who took extra courses during the holidays – duh!).

  2. says

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who goes off on a tangent… mine often include my Nana but never cake. I'm gonna get on that.

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    Oh yeah… that new color is totally going to make the stairs pop! It looks too good for me to be jealous that you're so far ahead of me with the steps.

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