There’s a Hole

Do you see it?



There’s a hole.  Not in the bottom of the sea (loved that song as a kid).  In my concrete slab.

When I bought the UDH, there were a great number of things wrong with it.  Old carpet.  Scary drapes.  Disgusting fingernails.  And then, there were real problems – like termite damage.  The termite guy drilled holes in my concrete slab to treat the house, then plugged the holes he created as he went.  But sometimes, the little concrete plugs they create can be washed away – like when you have a dog who would rather spend time on your roof than take a bath, and you leave the hose on as you chase after her.

The fix will be simple enough, and one small step toward getting this ugly red concrete slab updated to the new colors of the house.  Do you think I should paint it blue, to match the door, or do you think I should make it cement gray, to make it disappear?

There are a few other outdoor updates slated for the project list after the bathroom and study-o are completed.  For instance, finding something new for the obvious hole left by the mums Charlie killed (it stayed alive for two years, then one evening a small puppy tried turning it into a literal flower bed).

Last but certainly not least is finishing the trim.  The hardest part stood yet to be done last year as winter came, and now I’ve got to get back out there and find a way to get up to the top, paint the trim, and get back down – without breaking something.

But for the time being, I’ll just plug the hole.  Then get back inside to work on the other projects I’m already doing.  Have a great weekend!

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