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Things Left To Do In The Study-O

Alternate titles considered:  My Long Rambling Post for Friday, Spot the Sponsor Plug, or Modern, Sophisticated, and Funky.

My mother gives me great advice.

I’m saying that because sometimes her good intentions fall into my ears less “I would love to help you,” and more “You really are a mess, aren’t you?”

What I mean is, when I see this:

She sees this:

That’s the thing with remodeling, I guess: you get tunnel vision for what things will look like and all of the things you have done, not for the pile of laundry to the right and left of the desk you just built.

I guess it’s all just to say that I’m going to try to take dear ol’ Mom’s advice over the next few weeks and focus my DIY ADD on just the study-o.  Specifically:

  • Re-do the Craigslist chair already (for goodness sake, I’ve already got the fabric, I should just tackle this)
  • Paint the small shelf I told you about several weeks ago
  • Find a large storage shelf system with doors for the far wall (probably from Ikea, and probably something like this) because something exposed would be far too impractical for my tendency to be a complete and utter mess (see approximately 150 words ago)
  • Find a comfy chair (to sit in when my head explodes) – thankfully being paid for as an early birthday gift from Mom

Eventually, what I’d really like to do is demo a wall.  Yes, really – this one:

The parts where the wall covers the closet space drives. me. bananas.  Closets like this are wide, but only have one door.  What the hell is that about, BuildersWhoAreLazyorHighorBoth?  If you consider that what goes into your storage space might actually need to come back out someday, being able to have direct access to it instead of pulling everything else out of the way is just easier, don’t you think?  In fact, I’d love to do the same thing to the closet in my guest bedroom, too.

Then, when all of this is done, I’ll also need to find a light fixture and rug.  Maybe even from my new sponsor, Shades of Light.  I’ve been admiring stuff for a while now (and they didn’t pay me enough to say that without it being true), so I was pretty thrilled when they wanted a piece of UDH real estate.  They sell some really awesome pieces, many of which I’ve had on my “Someday When I Don’t Have to Lay Tile” purchase list for a while.  I just have to find the exact right one – something modern, sophisticated, and funky (Whoa – did I finally just describe my design style for the first time?  Sweet.).

Anywho, the point of this long, rambling post is to say that I think I’m going to take Mom’s advice and focus on de-messy-ing (known as “cleaning” and “organizing” in more traditional environments) one room for now.

Then again, I have a stripped down bathroom to also redo if I ever hope to shower, brush my teeth, and pee in the same room again.  So that whole plan might stick around only as long as it takes me to take another trip downstairs.

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  1. says

    Congrats on snagging Shades of Light as a sponsor! That's wicked.

    Also, my parents just had their closet, which was like yours, demo'd to make more sense. Why DO builders do that?!

  2. Mis says

    Mom's are always right. It will feel amazing to have a finished office to study/ work in. I finished a bedroom remodel. Forced myself to finish every detail. Now when I am in the middle of other projects and they start to drive me crazy I walk into my finished, perfect bedroom and feel sane and happy and proud. Keep up the good work!

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