Unexpected pics… a little clearer

I love my DSLR, but the downside is that I usually forget to bring it.  Large, honking cameras have to be thought of before leaving the house and I always seem to forget my point and shoot, too.  Next best thing?

New phone.  And might I add – finally.  Shiny, sleek, and equipped with a camera for much-needed blogging pics on the go.  Or maybe even ready at a moment’s notice for the next dog-on-roof fiasco.  I’m testing out several DIY-related apps, so expect a post soon of my picks.

It’s also super convenient because I can sync it with the iPad I need to use for school.  And you’ll get plenty more Tweets, Facebook updates and Pinterest activity thanks to having something that doesn’t die on me every five minutes.

And as for the camera?  Testing it out has been fun!

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    Niiice, I just got one too! Can you let me know if you find any good camera apps? It bugs me the 4S camera has no way to turn down, or up, the resolution or megapixels. I take a lot of pictures, and most I don't need in such big resolution. Also, if there are any cool “lens” apps, etc, please share!

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