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set of rustic power carved ornaments

Hey friends! And if you’re here today because of the Creative Christmas Challenge hosted by Remodelaholic, welcome! I’m Sarah. In this tutorial, I’m sharing how I created new wooden Christmas tree ornaments using my angle grinder!

woman in pink plaid shirt using angle grinder to carve scrap wood

Over the last year, I’ve really learned to love the versatility of this amazing tool. I especially like it for wood carving, like I did when I made some wall art earlier this year. Now, I am taking roughly the same skill set and applying it to crafting a set of DIY Christmas ornaments.

DIY Rustic Carved Wood Ornaments

For this project, you don’t need many tools. This can be a great intro project for a novice woodworker.

Supplies Needed

Step 1: Add texture to some thin scrap wood.

I used a piece of pine because it’s a nice soft wood, but you can also use hardwoods if you have them.

texture pattern added to wood using angle grinder

As you can see in the video above, I experimented with different textures: one using the grinder at a 45 degree angle, one making marks along the grain, and one going against the grain. Repeat the pattern on both sides for best effect.

Step 2: Mark ornament outlines

Using a pencil, mark lines to guide your cuts on the textured areas of your scrap wood. I searched for “ornament outline” online until I found a few shapes I liked. TIP: Cookie cutters make great templates for tracing a silhouette.

pencil mark on textured wood

Step 3: Cut out shapes on scroll saw

Sometimes it sucks to think you can’t do a tutorial if you don’t have one of the tools, but not having a scroll saw can be easily worked around! If you don’t have a scroll saw, it’s still possible to cut out alternative shapes, such as diamonds with a miter saw or larger ornaments with a jigsaw. Just be careful.

scroll saw

Last year, I didn’t have a scroll saw and borrowed a friend’s band saw to make a tulip bell shape. It wasn’t really the shape I originally wanted, but I made it work. I got this saw as a gift a while back and really like having it as part of my tool arsenal. Definitely a tool I would purchase on my own dime, though!

wood cuts freshly from the scroll saw

Step 4: Rough up edges with the angle grinder

I wanted each piece to look really rustic and vintage, so the crisp lines made from my scroll saw were too perfect for my liking. I used my angle grinder to remove the sharp edges, rounding them off just a bit.

angle grinder with wood cuts

Step 5: Stain and string

I originally tried to stain the ornaments with “Sunbleached,” which felt a little too gray and farmhouse for my liking. After layering over it with a warmer brown stain, it made a perfect worn-old-wood look.

DIY rustic carved wood ornaments-7

Just before trying them out on the tree, I found some black and white striped baker’s twine. A simple knot and I had a cheap hanger! I chose to add a ribbon bow around the twine loop on one. These homemade ornaments are going to look great with the blue color scheme I’m going for this year!

DIY rustic carved wood ornaments-10

Given that this is the second year in a row that I’ve made my own wooden Christmas ornaments, I think I’m going to continue this tradition from now on. I have a few other ideas already for more wooden ornaments, such as brass inlay, resin, or even sawdust, but time will tell if I can get to them all this year or will have to put them off until next!

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  1. I love these ornaments! I have a scroll saw that I never use, so I think I’ll have to put it to use and make some of these :)

    1. Thanks Wanda! The scroll saw can be such a great tool in DIY. I am already brainstorming some other projects with it!

  2. I love the texture you got on these ornaments. Playing with that angle grinder looked so fun and it really creates a unique look.

  3. These are really good Sarah. As soon as I have cleared up the mess I made making the cutlery tray you did I am going to give them a go. I found the cutlery tray interesting to do. My wife said ”It’s about time you made one of those my cutlery has been rattling around in my drawers for ages”. I gave her a side-ways look and she just said ” Mind out of the gutter please”. Anyway that’s done and she likes it. She said ”Took a Woman to show you didn’t it?” Well yes but in truth I had been meaning to make one. Just slipped my mind that’s all, Probably. Greetings from Norfolk, England. Tony

    1. Ha, thanks for your comment, Tony. Made my day! And glad that it helped your kitchen get a little more organized. Onto the next argument, I guess? :)

    1. My angle grinder is a new favorite tool for 2018! You should definitely try it out, so many carving options!

  4. The texture on these is amazing! I love them so much! Thanks for joining Creative Christmas!