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Oh, it’s on… I’ve gone from my typical M.O. of eyeballing…

… to actually measuring things in the kitchen.

I know, try not to panic. I’m still the same disheveled me. This picture was actually completely staged. Not that I wasn’t measuring things (that’s where it all started), but at this point in the evening, dealing one-handed with a tripod and trying not to bump the camera as I use the tape measure is a little tricky.

There was little value found in measuring that false drawer front.

I tried a second photo too – and you can even see that my gel manicure is still going strong. I shared it on Instagram the weekend before the Haven conference. Maybe there really is a way to still look presentable to the world after all.

As you can see, I’ve got a long way to go to a finished kitchen. But by the end of the week, progress will be floating in the air like… well, probably like the dust that there’s already too much of. Onward!

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  1. That’s why I couldn’t remodel–DUST!!! I want to do a mini DIY in our girls bathrooms–sink top, faucets, redo our pathetic beadboard attempt (we do so much better now, or should I say my husband– who understands FINALLY that we don’t use a million STAPLES but a few well thought out nails), perhaps tile on the floor, and new toilets. That willl be cheaper than a whole gut, less dust, and something WE can do. Anyway…. I can think of nothing else to say than “You go girl!”

  2. Cant wait to see the progress on it.
    My kitchen will be measured on Friday. I don’t think my cabinets are in good enough shape to refinish and they have to come down regardless as they are hung too high.

  3. Wahoooooo….I am so excited about this kitchen redesign I feel like it’s my own kitchen haha. Ridic :)

  4. And to think it all starts with noticing that the wallpaper has started to peel…

    Great site. Thanks for sharing.