diy wood couch sleeve

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For the last few weeks, this has probably been my most-used tool in the house:

coffee maker
I no longer remember what I did before this existed in my house.

Long story shortest: this time of year is a large pile of things I don’t want to have to deal with.

Long story shortish: Between license renewals (I’m even having to renew my driver’s license and passport this year), a fair amount of extra paperwork, and lots of little nagging things (Charlie needs to go to the vet, I need new tires, etc.), having a May birthday feels like a countdown to a financial train derailment. It’s also coming up on a year since Granny’s passing, and I’m fully entertaining the possibility that I might be that person who loses her cool at a time when it makes the least amount of sense (though hopefully, not at anyone in particular… just, you know, buying a candy bar at Kroger, and I’ll be the one sobbing into her Snickers).

Also? I recently got into a car accident. Both the other driver and I are thankfully fine, but something like that is never not scary, and I’d say that probably pushed April’s stress level up to 11. Which, you know — helps loads for me feeling like I’ve got my shit together.

The good news is, I’m slightly more than halfway through the madness. I also know that I’ve been through stressful days like these before and turned just fine, so it’s often a matter of perspective and pushing forward. Eating the elephant and all that jazz. And of course, all the coffee.

rule the world start with coffee
grab this print here

I have a number of things I’ve been working on that I want to share with you as soon as tonight/tomorrow, but since I’m already feeling the lag of the day (it’s currently 1 AM as I’m typing this), I’m going to start by briefly sharing a small before and after that I was reminded of thanks to Facebook’s Timehop feature (say what you want about FB in general, but I would argue this is definitely one of their more fun updates). If you can believe it, this was 2009… the very first glimpse I ever had of the endless supply of weird smells, strange new vocabulary words, and lots of reasons for cursing that became my home:

house listing, 2009

And now, I get to take photos of it that look like this (I still have to fill in the window nail holes and build a new coffee table, but  you get the idea):

So, happy Monday— err, Tuesday, I guess :) And here’s a sneak peek of what’s coming up in the next post (I promise, it isn’t a murder scene):

Dexter crime scene

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  1. Yep…..God is great, beer n coffee are good, n sometimes people can be silly. Ironically, very ^in my face^ you stay up til 1; AM writing about the wonderment and monster inspirational, motivational and other fine qualities one receives from the little bean juice we have grown accustomed to. I wake up this morning and find I picked up everything in town yesterday and a few things that weren’t evan on the list, however, when I was in the coffee aisle at the market I obviously had another thought ( possibly how to fence the new raised bed garden area in, what to use) on my mind, and my list in my pocket. I was lucky and there was a bit of hard to get out coffee in the bottom of the can which worked at getting out for a couple minutes w/o spilling on the floor, made 3 cups… is better with the help of that little natural adrenalin boost. . So now it’s dbl starred on the new
    Glad to hear no one was injured in the auto accident, a good thing for sure.
    Get Rich quick……Carte Noi

  2. Love reading your updates…feels like I’m having a cup of coffee with a girlfriend and we’re commiserating about each of our crazy fixer uppers and all the awesome and frustrating things that come with them! And that coffee print is amazing…and now in my Etsy cart! So many people will be receiving this for gifts this year!

  3. Amazing redo! Stress level about a 20 here so ignoring caffeine for now. How did I miss the couch arm sleeve? A must have so time to see what scrap wood I have !