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Ok, so that innocent little cold I thought I was already getting over? Early last week, it exploded like a Peep in the microwave and kicked my butt instead. And aside from putting out a few fires for work, I basically just camped out in bed. It sort of reminded me of that time back in grad school when I regularly fell asleep with books on my face.

Yup. Kinda like that.

I guess that’s the thing when it comes to trying to juggle a schedule like mine: I’m not always prepared or ready to slow down. I have found that scheduling little breaks and vacations in between big projects helps a lot to keep some random little virus from staging a coup on my immune system — but every now and then, it’s human nature to turn into an ick monster for a few days, and all of the normal-life-pace stuff has to stop. Or at least, I do… even as my inbox grows and threatens to knock over buildings in Tokyo.*

Still, the world kind of went on doing its own thing without me for a few days, which also included a pretty aggressive storm and broke part of my backyard fence. After some of the recent fixes I’ve had to do this winter, I couldn’t help but wonder how I still manage to break things even in my sleep. That’s gotta be some kind of weird talent that wins cash prizes on TV shows, right? Asking for a friend who now has an even tinier home repair budget.

broken fence latch

But as I was walking around the yard, I noticed a few other things, such as how the hellebore I planted last year is going strong on one side of the patio door. I purposely planted these so that I’d still have some white and green winter blooms while everything else takes a nap, and as you can see, the plan is going perfectly… except that the one on the other side of the patio door died. So, I’m at a 50/50 success rate on these (not unlike my usual success rate with plants, so the experimentation continues).


Also: I’m starting to draft some plans up for how I’m going to turn this boring old tree in the center of my yard into a spot that looks more welcoming. Charlie sometimes digs and also takes out most of the growth whenever she has to be leashed, so I think a circular bench would be a good project, especially after completing the garden beds last year on the side. SO many more plans for the back yard this year, so I am hoping for an early spring!

tree bench

And last but not least, I have a surprise yard crasher near my A/C unit. It looks like the neighbor’s magnolia tree took it upon itself to spread the love over to my side, so I’ll have to replant this in a less potentially problematic spot (probably in the front, where it could get plenty of sun since removing one of the old pine trees). It would be yet another white flower blooming in the yard (and magnolia leaves are amazing for all sorts of other decor and smell amazing), so I’m going to try to save it and get it growing!

new magnolia

That’s about it for the happenings this past week, which means I’m feeling the itch to catch up and start building something again. Stay tuned for a new light fixture DIY, some more window trim completion, and tips on how to stretch a dollar on your hot water heater!

*Honestly, the thing that took me the longest to write with this post was deciding whether to make a King Kong or Godzilla reference here. So now you understand a little more about how my brain was working today.

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  1. Omg a baby magnolia tree. Ugh. I have a weird thing about baby trees. Haha.
    Hope you feel 100% soon!

    1. Thank you! And isn’t it adorable? If it were still Christmas, I probably would have put a little sad red ball ornament on it and snapped a pic, Charlie Brown style. Hehe.

  2. Sorry to hear your one with cold, hate em, especially spring colds. My son stayed home from work yesterday with the flu and a buddy went in for his 1st colonoscopy and they both couldn’t get off the throne all day. With the latter, I don’t understand how something that keeps you on the throne all day is suppose a good thing…really. We are getting sun with warmer weather from the west almost to the point it’s affecting the ice quality on the lakes and streams ending our ice fishing season soon if it keeps up very long.. We enjoy our ice fishing but I am looking forward to spring and finishing a big carry over project and getting after my list. Hope your feeling 100% very soon.
    :-) be well