The Ugly Duckling House has a growing, loyal following with new readers discovering this site each day. Do you think my readers will like your shop, site, or product? I’d love to work with you! You can purchase sidebar ads directly from this page to advertise immediately, or get in touch with me to work on a customized campaign. If interested, keep reading… this page covers a LOT of frequently asked questions.

Ways to Advertise with The Ugly Duckling House

There are lots of ways for us to work together, and just a small number of ways we can’t (some things are just not right for my readers, and they are very important to me!). Over the last near-decade of this blog, I’ve grown to like a variety of partnerships:

  • Brand Ambassadorships
  • Sponsored Posts and/or Videos
  • Product Reviews
  • Giveaways
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Conference & Event Speaking
  • Freelance Writing

As each brand tends to have specific wants and needs, rates are customized per campaign. The best way to get started is to contact me via the form embedded on this page (it gives me good details and makes sure it doesn’t wind up in my spam folder), but you can also reach out to me at contact [at] uglyducklinghouse [dot] com if the form isn’t working.


I used to have everything all on one page. And then my stats, history, and other info got a little long. So that info is all on my Media Kit page, where you can also get find links to things like interviews I’ve done, websites I’ve been featured on, and more.

Brands I’ve Worked With

This is just a quick snapshot, but these are some of the brands I’ve had the pleasure of working with over the last few years. If you want more info, I highly recommend taking a glance at my Media Kit.

Brands I've Worked With - The Ugly Duckling House

As you can see, these are a wide variety of different industries! But like any good partnership, they have to make sense to work. Each campaign I’ve worked on has some relation to myself, what this blog is all about (DIY, home, dogs, humor, etc), and things my readers look to this site for. So if I can write something valuable about it based on my own point of view, I’d love to work with you.


Bad Content Marketing… Ew

Getting creative to reach a new audience is fantastic, but my readers are my top priority. I DO NOT ACCEPT the following types of requests… please do not email me about these. They will not be answered.

  • Sidebar text links
  • “Guest posts” that advertise a good, service, or another website
  • Infographics
  • Freelance writers looking to publish their posts on the site (sorry, most of the time, these contain paid links that aren’t disclosed, so my policy is just not to accept any)
  • Free reviews of a good or service (you’ll need to become a sponsor if you’d like me to post a review)
  • Embedded text links within existing posts
  • “Solo ads” or email distribution lists

Advertising Policies… the Long Version

Sponsored Product Reviews

  • I don’t review products for free or accept product as payment. Posts require writing time, photo editing time, labor, other supplies, etc. Basically, if you value my expertise, I do too.
  • Reviews need to be related to do-it-yourself home improvement or decorating… or sometimes, if it’s a broad scope, other parts of my life (socializing, my family, Charlie, etc., but these are chosen based on how closely it relates to me; I can’t write about being a mom or wearing boxer briefs, so scope is important here).
  • I do NOT review samples; if you want me to endorse a product or service, I want to test exactly what a normal customer/client experiences. That might even sometimes include not having the correct directions (seriously, it’s happened before), needing to give feedback before the post is written, etc.
  • Please provide a sample product to me (for the review) and if doing a giveaway, make one available to give away to my readers (to try the product themselves). I ask that you send me only the product that I will review and for the reader sample, wait until the giveaway winner shipping information is provided to you so it can be shipped directly to the winner (so that I don’t have to ship it myself).
  • My honest opinions are what you’ll get, so if I love it, I’ll shout it from the rafters to thousands of my closest friends (and possibly even add it to my favorite tools list). If I don’t, I will let you know via email why it didn’t work and will likely opt not to post about it (a rarity, but just in case). Items that were used or previously mentioned in a post will not be returned.


  • If you want to do ONLY a giveaway of your product or service without a review, I have a separate page just for these and you can purchase directly.
  • As with product reviews, a giveaway must be for a product or service relevant to the typical content of this blog, and there are fees for hosting a giveaway that promotes your product.
  • If you want to do both a product review post AND a giveaway, please be sure to let me know that in your email, and I’ll price them as a package.

Social Media Campaigns (No Blog Post)

Social media advertising on Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest are usually the most popular mediums for a social-only review or post. Please contact me with the details of your request (I do not do product-for-post exchanges; there are advertising fees associated with any social sharing).


If you would like to offer a discount for my readers in addition to your sponsorship, please let me know (ex: enter offer code “UDH” for a 10% discount at checkout). This is optional, but it may help increase traffic to your site. After all, my readers are on the lookout for great products at a great price!


Sponsored campaigns contain no-follow links, so sayeth Google and their many search engine bots (and I don’t like getting on their bad side). I also disclose all material relationships of products provided, if I’ve received compensation, discounts, etc. per FTC regulations. Even though I like to make disclosure as conversational in style as I can, I still have to play by the rules and make sure it’s clear in the post (plus, it’s the most honest way to be with readers).

Ready to Reach Out?

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Ugly Duckling House reserves the right to modify or add to the above advertise policies at any time.