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Welcome to the Ugly Duckling House tour page, full of befores and afters and everything I’ve been working on!

house exterior after new Shoji white paint

I always seem to try two things wrong (at least) before getting it just right. As a result, my first home became known as The Goldilocks House in no time at all.

Over the last 10+ years, my house has undergone quite a transformation. I’ve also taken on other makeover projects and toured other homes documented below. Feel free to take a few clicks around and check out each room/makeover project. I’m constantly adding updates to keep these current, too. And don’t forget to pin your favorites!

My House

Atlanta, Georgia • Purchased: December 2009 • Year Built: 1982 • Square Footage: 1500+ • 3 bedroom • 2.5 bath • Floor Plan

Ruby (#RubysRevival)

1946 Spartan Manor

Showhouse Tours

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