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Welcome to the Ugly Duckling House home tour page, full of befores and afters and everything I’ve been working on!

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You love a good before and after, right?

Who doesn’t love a great house transformation? Well, this is the page for that and then some!

Over the last 10+ years, I’ve learned all about the challenge of transforming before to progress and from progress to wow. From little cosmetic fixes to the frustrating highs and lows of learning how to do things for the first time, my goal is to both showcase that transformation and teach you along the way. And that includes those ultra-satisfying reveals and inspiring tours of other peoples’ homes, which I’ve highlighted below. Feel free to take a few clicks around and check out each room/makeover project. For your convenience, I’ve also included links to a few home decor pieces I get asked about frequently and tools you’ll see me using for these projects. I’m constantly adding updates to keep these current, too. And don’t forget to pin your favorites. I’m currently looking for both our next primary home and my first investment property, so I’ll need your help to think of their nicknames very soon!

Virginia House (Sneak Peek!)

Petersburg, Virginia • Purchased: 2023 • Year Built: 1925? (we’re looking through historic records!)

We just moved in this summer! Stay tuned for all of the photos and a special video tour coming soon.

Basement Apartment (Rental Project)

North Atlanta, Georgia • Rental: 2022 • Square Footage: 600+

What would you do if time is of the essence to sell your home in a competitive market, but you think home prices might start falling in a few months? In our case (and heeding advice from our realtor), we decided to sell and rent for a few months! This allowed us time to shop for our next home, which includes a HUGE move to another state to be closer to my sister and the coast (🥰). In the meantime, we’re living with family in their basement in Georgia. But who can resist a blank slate? Our family gave us the go-ahead to transform it as we saw fit — turning an open and unfinished space into a bedroom, living room, and mini kitchen area! Stay tuned and subscribe to blog updates to see the entire transformation with renter-friendly ideas.

My First House (from ho-hum to hubba-hubba)

Atlanta, Georgia • Purchased: 2009 • Year Built: 1982 • Square Footage: 1500+ • 3 bedroom • 2.5 bath • Floor Plan • Sold: 2022

Frequently called “the Goldilocks House” (because I always seemed to get it right on my third try), my first home taught me SO much about do-it-yourself: how to build, how to repair, how to garden, how to decorate, and more. My biggest takeaway is one I like to share with you frequently: with handy tutorials as your sidekick (like mine, ahem!), you can turn your ho-hum house into a home you’re proud of! And yep — we recently SOLD my first home and we’re looking for our next big project and MOVING!!! I’m so excited to start sharing our next big makeover adventure.

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Ruby (#RubysRevival) — our 1946 Spartan Manor Trailer Project!

1946 Spartan Manor • Adopted 2017

Meet our gal, Ruby! That’s what we’ve decided to name this vintage trailer project that my partner (referred to as “K”) and I began a few years ago. It originally belonged to K’s grandfather and was left to the elements for decades in the woods of southern Georgia. We rolled up our sleeves, dragged it home, and have been working on it ever since! Naturally, we’re learning as we go that this is a very different undertaking than a home makeover and are rebuilding it from the frame up. This series is primarily a video series I created for YouTube, so you’ll see regular updates here on the blog but be sure to subscribe to videos so you don’t miss a single update!

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Showhouse Tours

Over the years, I’ve been the lucky recipient of invites to tour “show homes,” which are houses designed by groups of interior designers, architects, and house trend experts. These homes pack a ton of wow factor and inspiration, and it is one of my favorite things to do whenever I get the chance in Atlanta or while traveling! With permission, I take videos and pictures of what I see and find the most intriguing for using in my own home. Want me to tour your home or showcase your unique style? Contact me with details on the where/when or provide before and after pictures with an email detailing what you’ve done to the house and what you like best.

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