My favorite power tools and products to help you DIY your home repairs, make home decor, renovate, and create beginner woodworking projects!

Like most bloggers, we sometimes make recommendations on products; I flat-out review quite a few. So when I find something that works — like really, definitely-used-this-in-my-home works — I want you guys to know about it. Below, you’ll find a hodgepodge of tools, glues, cleaning items, and all sorts of other awesome stuff that has been thumbs-upped by me after years upon years of figuring out how to fix my ugly duckling house.

Affiliate Disclosure: If you purchase one of these items by clicking on it, I may earn a commission (usually just a few cents per sale) for having recommended it. I then funnel that back into things like new projects, new tools, and website maintenance — all at no additional cost to you. For more about how affiliates work, check out my disclosure page.

Happy shopping! xoxo