Hey there! I LOVE to hear from readers. Whether it’s answering a question, offering DIY advice, or just saying hello, reader emails can really brighten my day (and not just because it breaks up all the spam). You can email me at:

contact [at] uglyducklinghouse [dot] com

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You can also use the hashtag #myUDH on social media to share your projects!

A quick note, though…

If you are looking to sponsor an upcoming project or review of your product, please provide details about how you’re looking to partner together so that we can discuss rates and a timeline for the promotion (you can also head over to my Advertise and Media Kit pages for more details and save a little time).

I delete requests for “guest posts” because these are 99.9% spam.

Other ways to contact me:

Instagram is probably the place to get the fastest response — even faster than email!

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